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Is it possible for a girl to have healthy, sane, and pure relationships with guys? If so, how? How can a girl avoid the very real dangers in a friendship with a boy? What does the Bible have to say about how young men and young women should treat each other? Are these matters really as complicated as they seem?

In their new book It’s (Not That) Complicated, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin again shine light in an area that is dark for many conservative Christian girls. They pull from their own experience, the Scriptures, their father’s teachings, and their brother’s marriages, as well as the opinions and preferences of godly young men. The result is a candid, humorous, insightful book for Christian young ladies everywhere who are asking, “What does a godly guy/girl relationship really look like?”

Rather than giving rules of interaction, though, the book focuses on general Biblical wisdom and practical advice, leaving the dos and do-nots up to each girl with the guidance of her parents. The scope is even broader than friendships, though, it also touches on relationships with the men in one’s family, as well as suitors and marriage.

There is some discussion of adult topics occasionally, specifically in the chapter which talks about the “Proverbs 7 Woman.” Thus it might not be a good choice for very young girls, though everything is handled with the greatest delicacy.

The blunt humor and personal writing style makes it easy to read, and the subject matter is arranged logically and is easy to follow. It is intelligent and full of nuggets of wisdom that every girl needs to hear when evaluating how she should relate to the men in her life.

With a little help from their family and their brothers in Christ, the Botkin sisters are helping to show other young ladies that when a girl is focused on Christ and loves those around her with His selfless love, then things are not that complicated after all.

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  1. Jen Renee

    I loved this book! I started to read it through a second time before loaning it to a friend. Such a refreshing perspective, with practical wisdom and hopeful conviction. I heartily concur with your recommendation.

  2. Hannah

    Great review, Grace – that was very well-written, and I completely agree! I really enjoyed “It’s Not That Complicated” and I hope to read it again soon. 🙂

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