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A poem by Martin Detwiler:

every drop of knowledge dries me out

full to the brim and still an empty husk


i dive into the water

to soak in the very words of God

but this cursed shell of humanity

like water tension

keeps me afloat, suspended

on, above, upon

but never in

i can hear, see, test the limits, feel

but always i am swirling in the currents

looking down into the plunging depth

of the face of perfect God

oh to be soaking in the murk of glorious knowledge

deep and slow

near the bedrock essence

hovering close, a particulate suspended

in pure water by the Is of God.

oh to be transformed within that whirring infinite

unchanging, ceaseless change

and infinite action, a mathematical point

inverted as the fullness of all

in all

in time and not

i glimpse an eternal flicker

of infinitude

seen, but just beyond the horizon

heard, but quieter than the smallest sound

felt, but gliding through the sense receptors

He is here inside me

but i cannot comprehend it

and the world creaks, bearing

divinity in my soul, the weight of purest being


i see light, and it blinds me

heat, it is inside me

and i die.

Over the past few months, I have seen two truths with special clarity: my own brokenness and God’s infinite goodness. As a Christian, I pursue the restoration of the first fact by greater intimacy with the second (God’s great goodness). Yet the greatest hindrance that I find in that passionate pursuit is my very broken humanness. So often I find myself dried out, floating on a surface of facts that I know about God without any real communion and intimacy with Him.

The resolution of this dilemma is in the final lines of the poem. God is within me. Through Christ He has pierced the surface tension, and a wave of living water has overwhelmed me, pulling me under to plunge down in communion with God, becoming transformed by degrees into His likeness.


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