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Little kids love pirates. The swashbuckling adventure, the high seas, the ships and all the other cool stuff pirates get to do. Unfortunately, parents don’t love the pirate lifestyle so much, since pirates are, after all, thieves and murderers.

The answer to this problem? The Tale of Pirate Shishkabob! The pirates in this book are a little different than those you may have encountered elsewhere. Murderous? No, they’re just hungry! And who wants gold and wenches? All these pirates want is to eat shishkabobs. You won’t find a skull and crossbones representing these pirates — how about shishkabob skewers on their flag instead?

Katie Lynn Daniels does a wonderful job weaving this swashbuckling tale that will charm adults and children alike, along with Leila Clemons’ adorably engaging illustrations. I enjoyed reading the story and promptly read it aloud to my little brothers, who pronounced it “cool.” Katie has even included a recipe in the back for readers to make their very own shishkabobs!

I highly recommend this book as a gift for lovers of pirates and good childrens’ literature, young and old.

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  1. Andrew Joyce

    Ha! I love it! I’ve been wanting to buy this book for J since it came out — if there were an ebook version I definitely would 😀


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