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A New Frontier Awaits

All Right is finished – at least, the first draft is finished. It’s not the last I’ll see of it, but for now, it’s time to put my focus on a new project: and December is beckoning. It’s time for a new challenge.

I’d like to introduce you to Fullblood, and the world of Esparan. This draft is even older than All Right, and has been knocking around in my head since around 2012. I have a nearly-complete first draft that I’ll be throwing out altogether. Hopefully, I have a plot planned out by the end of December, and a working draft by the end of January.


Esparan is a world of contradictions: rotting futurism, eternal winter, wealth and poverty, where even up and down take on new meaning.

Enormous edifices sink further into the ground every year; every once in a while, two hundred stories of concrete building collapse to the ground in a hail of rubble, taking smaller buildings with it like a majestic forest giant finally crashing to the ground.
Down below, among the streets, the Church of the Founding maintains a tenuous order within the classes. It is they who provide the free hospitals, the all-important markings, and Births for those in need.

Up above, in the highest reaches of the tallest buildings, a society of uppers is rumored to exist, but they are sealed off from the difficult existence on the ground: no one reaches the tops of the skyscrapers anymore.


No one remembers what caused the winter to come, but it’s here, and it’s the one thing on Esparan that torments rich and poor alike. Winds, snow, and ice make existence in the streets all but impossible – and above the clouds, the radiation is slowly destroying the uppers. There is little hope for anyone on Esparan, and only one person who has the ticket to salvation, though she doesn’t know it yet.


Carrin and her brother are no uppers. They’ve never even seen life above the hundredth floor – their world is the streets. But when the uppers discover Carrin and the secret she holds, both Carrin and her brother find themselves thrown into a world neither of them understands.

This is a story about blood, family, and salvation. This is a story about contrasting worlds thrown together. This is Fullblood. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.