Into the Book


Into the Book is here to spread a love for literature throughout the world by inspiring people to create stories and fill their lives with truth in a like-minded community. We are culture influencers, passionate about speaking truth into our culture. Furthermore, we are enablers, teaching writers not only how to speak truth, but also how to do so well. Both of these come together in our community. We exist to create and spread good culture. We want to replace the garbage with good.

We are Christians. We have found truth and want other people to know. Literature isn’t the place for outright sermons about what we believe. Yet what we believe influences us so strongly that our beliefs overflow into our lives and literature. We want both these things to echo the truth we live for.

C.S. Lewis believed that stories can powerfully influence readers, even subconsciously rewriting what they believe. Our goal, like Lewis’, is to influence culture through stories. Rather than write ‘Christian fiction,’ we want to be Christians who write fiction – and more than that, great fiction, so that, after reading our book, you have been pointed to real-life truth.