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The Thomas Nelson “Apply the Word” study bible is an excellent little resource and Bible. Using the word-for-word New King James version, this book packs a big punch. Sidebars and extra study resources augment the original text.

This is a small little bible, about the size of an ESV Thinline (top), though thicker. It’s nowhere near as thick as my Schuyler Bible (bottom), which doesn’t even have any sort of references. Think the size of an average 18th-century hardback novel and you’d be on the right track. In keeping with this, the paper is very thin and easily wrinkled, though it is very bright white and fairly opaque. There is a little bleed-through from page to page, and the lines do not line up on front and back. Even so, the study bible definitely punches above its weight: for 24 dollars, the interior is easier to read and higher quality than my ESV Thinline, which is a similar price.

The interior is fairly nicely well-done. While the sidebars are a little bit obtrusive, this is, after all, a study bible, so they’re to be expected. Each sidebar features a bright orange header, which is my main beef, and then a paragraph or two that focuses on a specific verse. Each book of the bible is introduced by about a page, with key verses noted in the beginning. I could definitely see this being a helpful resource for a high-school or college-age student, because the Bible is affordable and the extra material inside is helpful for starting a deeper study of the bible.

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong on a 20-dollar bible that’s nicely put together and includes study notes as well. Consider this as a more affordable alternative to the more traditional massive leather-bound cinder blocks that we’ve gotten used to. Bonus points: the dust jacket pulls off to show a case-wrapped hardcover with the same design. I find this more attractive than a clunky dust jacket.


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