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  1. Congratulations to Brenda, who won our Fin’s Revolution giveaway! We’ve emailed the winner and hope to hear back soon so we can send along the prize. And to everyone else, never fear! We’ve got more great giveaways coming soon! Thanks to all for entering!

  2. You lucky dogs, it just gets better and better. Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Today we’re giving away ONE copy of A.S. Peterson’s series Fin’s Revolution. This is a phenomenal series that we at ItB have read and enjoyed (reviews: book one, book two). Arthur “Pete” Peterson (not sure where the “S” comes from) is the brother of Andrew Peterson, and turns out to be no less accomplished of a writer. Read on to learn more about Fin’s Revolution and our giveaway! (more…)

  3. In case you have been living under a rock, Into the Book is giving away quite possibly the best prize pack in existence: the entire Wingfeather Saga, signed by the author, Andrew Peterson. You can learn more and enter at this link, and I would highly recommend that you do so. Today, we’re interviewing said author with some quick questions about The Wingfeather Saga, as well as Andrew’s song-writing. Read on for more: (more…)

  4. You thought the Lord of the Rings giveaway was as good as it got. You would be wrong. Another month, another giveaway, and today we have the entire Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson, up for grabs to one lucky reader! Not only that, all four books are signed by the author himself. Find out how to enter: (more…)

  5. We’re announcing the winner of our Lord of the Rings trilogy giveaway, and it is: (more…)

  6. You are a discerning reader, and you know that giveaways featuring the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy don’t come along every day. But that’s exactly what we’re doing here at ItB. For the next week, enter to win this entire, beautiful trilogy. Here’s how: (more…)

  7. Today I’m incredibly excited to be interviewing Robert Vera. Robert is the author of A Warrior’s Faith (which we’re giving away!) and graciously agreed to answer a few questions. Read on for more: (more…)

  8. Ready for an end-of-summer giveaway? We’re giving away Robert Vera’s A Warrior’s Faith over the next two weeks, and you definitely don’t want to miss this one. A Warrior’s Faith tells the story of Ryan Job, Navy SEAL and American hero, and the impact that his life has had on many around the nation (read our review). It’s an amazing true story and Robert Vera has told it extremely well.

    We’re going to be giving the book away in exactly two weeks. Here’s how you can enter: (more…)

  9. Our interview with Wayne Martindale was packed so full of good things that we didn’t even have time to cover everything we’d talked about. Now, see the rest of the interview: tips for writers! These are gold, folks: (more…)

  10. Good afternoon! We’re thrilled to have Wayne Martindale, author of Beyond the Shadowlands, with us today for an exclusive interview. Remember, we’re giving this book away so don’t forget to sign up for that here.