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  1. After reading Gracia Burnham’s autobiography, I was left with an odd taste in my mouth. I’ve read biographies in my time, but this one made me feel empty after I read it. Perhaps it is the title: In the Presence of My Enemies: a Gripping Account of the Kidnapping of American Missionaries and Their Year of Terror in the Philippine Jungle. What this title tells us is that it will be an exciting and thought-provoking biography. However, when I read it, I did not feel excitement, terror, or any emotions whatsoever from the people represented in this book. (more…)

  2. Although I wouldn’t suggest The Book Thief when you’re feeling down, it is one of the greatest books I have read to understand suffering and death. Its descriptive language about Germany during WWII will bring new insight to you about how day-to-day life looked like during that time. The book thief is a girl named Liesel Meminger, a tough girl who has a huge appetite for learning. (more…)

  3. The Quest for The Red Sapphire is a medieval fantasy novel written under the pseudonym ‘Rival Gates’. Linvin Grithinshield is a half-elf with a human father and elven mother. A young adult, Linvin no longer lives at home and has spent finished military training school. As a general, Linvin is seen preparing for battle in the first chapter. Unsurprisingly, this battle is won. As Linvin’s army celebrates, he receives an urgent message stating his father is missing and presumed dead. Consequently, Linvin travels back home to be with his mother and uncle. About halfway through the book, the Red Sapphire is mentioned; a sort of ultimate power which draws heavy… parallels to The Ring in LOTR, without the addictive side effects.