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  1. “Looking back, she could see the woman leaning forward from the mass of nightmares, from the surge of clutching hands. She approached the woman and saw her more closely—a figure of sorrow. The surface of the sculpture sparkled as if made of salt. The strain in her posture was not fear but determination. The shadows were not seeking to drag her down. No, she had offered them her cloak that they might take hold and be drawn out of their darkness, like survivors from a flood.”


  2. “She looked back toward Abascar’s palace, that point of darkness in the woods, like the pin in the center of the spinning world. She held up the feather, and its color, vivid in contrast, seemed to bleed into the air, igniting the surrounding green gold, red, and blue in a violent conflagration. . . . The tail feather lay burning but whole in her hand. The Expanse lay before her.

    “Abascar waited, blind.”


  3. A relaxing weekend with her husband and newly adopted son is all Gillian Thayer expects as they check into Sabbath Resort and Conference Center. What she finds instead is a highly controversial meeting of a Bible translation committee, a group of protestors, and a killer using the ten plagues of Egypt as a template for his murderous revenge. The tension only increases as Gillian’s husband, Marc, finds his friend dead and surrounded by frogs, and as Gillian herself runs into her old boyfriend, Gabriel, who is one of the protestors. As people die with each ensuing plague, Gillian fears losing her new son and struggles to forgive Gabriel for his past actions and establish a proper relationship.