Into the Book


A Poem-Song

Drums a-rumbling o’er the hills
Thunder clouds a-rolling in
Swords belted over broad shoulders and back
And the birth pangs of a nation begins

The storm arises
Pounding in the hearts of men
Men whose honor was born before they were
Men who knew how to be men

Years ripple back the rushing of the tide,
Born to fight or die, and to stand side by side

Dance steps mirrored
Thudding in the hearts of those who love
Folk who had something to live for
Folk who lived lives of the free

Fear not, we awake: and greet the sunrise
Fear not, we awake: past whispers of the wise
Fear not, we awake: we come armed in soul
Fear not, we awake: and here we come, sleeping world

There comes a point in life
A day like any other
And you wake up.
And you know if you don’t leave
If you don’t stand up
If the goal isn’t won
If you can’t stand fast
If you can’t be strong
For once in your life–
You will never awake again

Give me a sword
Give me a thousand words to speak
Give me a lantern to show the way
Give me a ship to steer
Give me a pen and I will write
Give me a song and I will sing
Give me courage
And I will be brave, I will be brave.

Awakening. The birth pangs of a nation
Of a sole, single heart that says “Enough.”
I am awake, and I will die before I sleep again.

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