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  1. It’s an admission of failure that the task: “Write: Review for Do More Better” sat in my Wunderlist account for almost a week, each day being pushed back to a later deadline. It was almost like the book was mocking me: Here I am, a book on productivity, and you can’t even find the time to review me. That’s because Do More Better is not a quick fix for productivity and busyness — it’s a system. And systems take time. Also, I am a dense human being and don’t learn lessons quickly. (more…)

  2. “This looks like a good book. Maybe I’ll just read it to get some good stuff out of it, and skip writing a review, because I have so much to do.”
    Oh wait.
    Busyness is so prevalent and so accepted that our standard response to “How are you?” is a simple, “Oh, you know, pretty busy.” If my day isn’t full, perfectly executing a ten-point todo list in stunning fashion, then maybe I’m doing something wrong! These are a few of the reasons why DeYoung has written his book Crazy Busy. It’s a (mercifully) short book about busyness, and DeYoung manages to pack a great deal into it. (more…)

  3. College is a tough time. I am faced with deciding what I want to do with my life, forced to spend lots of money and study a smorgasbord of difficult topics, and try to sift through what I really believe. I’m faced with so many questions: how do I find God’s will for my life? How can I be sure I have the right motivations? How can I hear God’s voice in my heart? Philosophy Professor Phillip Cary noticed many of his students wrestling with the same questions, and becoming ever anxious in search of answers. However, as he spoke with his students, Cary realized that the issue was not with the students, but with their bad theology. So Cary decided to write a book showing the good news to those anxious Christians.


  4. A Book for Creators

    As an artist, I’m suffering from several issues that have targeted my ability to create, including anxiety, and a disgust for anything I write (words are my primary artistic medium). If you can relate to this, or are feeling bogged down by the grittiness of life as an artist, listen. If you’re an artist of any kind, or want to be one, there’s a good chance you will benefit from the insight expounded here.

  5. Enjoying God in Everything

    There’s a pattern among Christians where many will abstain from “the pleasures of this world” as a sort of attempt at “holiness”. And other Christians choose to live hedonistically, enraptured by the pleasures our physical senses can deliver, sometimes feeling guilty for doing so, and asking forgiveness later. If you are in either of these camps, or gravitate to either of these extremes, I’ve got a book recommendation for you. (more…)

  6. Navigating Trials in the New America

    Think it Not Strange is the latest short book from John Piper, on persecution in the Christian life. In 90 short pages, half a dozen authors from around the world study persecution. Piper and the others present this book as a short companion for American Christians: they take the Bible’s teaching on persecution and apply it to the American church and changing culture. Think it Not Strange is an excellent book that reminds us that the past – not the coming future – has been exceptional. (more…)

  7. It’s not too late and you’re never too far.

    Louie Giglio’s latest book, The Comeback, is a lightweight handbook for those who feel God has given up on them. Described in terms of a “comeback,” Giglio walks his readers through the process of coming back to God’s purpose and plan. “No matter what our obstacles are, no matter what mistakes we’ve made, no matter if we’re in a season of wandering or darkness,” he writes, “God will still call you back to himself. The comeback starts now. (more…)

  8. A Practical Guide to Productivity

    Do you struggle to keep up with all the information coming your way? Do you sometimes feel that you have to sacrifice your devotional time, or time with your family, to get all your work done? Between appointments, obligations, and menial chores, it can be hard to keep everything organized, and make time for personal projects, tasks, and goals. Many people live within these parameters, and there seems to be no way out. I’ve been there too, but Do More Better brings encouraging news. (more…)

  9. Marriage is mythologized by some as the path to true happiness, even self-actualization, while others call it a vestige of simpler times, or at best a mere social construct that can be ignored if one pleases. There are as many visions for marriage as there are people, and yet all seem to miss the point. The meaning. Well, what is the purpose of marriage?

  10. Words have a weight to them that demands our stewardship, just as we steward our time and our money. Too often, we throw our words around carelessly, hurting those around us and dimming the image of Christ in us. Sam Crabtree’s book, Practicing Affirmation, is a small book that challenges its readers to encourage, practicing a “God-Centered affirmation of those who are not God.” Read on for more: (more…)