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Championship Fathering. How to win at being a dad. Carey Casey’s latest book is a light-weight, heavy-hitting book that teaches the values behind excellent fathering, exhorting readers to leave behind a god-honoring legacy. Carey Casey is a practical, no-frills writer and speaker who has a simple mission: revitalize the family in America. He describes his book as a simple conversation between father and son, “Son, here’s what I want you to remember.” Throughout its one hundred and fifty pages, Casey outlines his vision of godly parenting and challenges fathers to step up into championship fathering.

Casey’s book is dead-simple. He constructs most of his writing around a sports metaphor, and boils down his entire message into three words: loving, coaching, and modelling. He is concerned with connecting fathers and sons to build legacy and bring children up in a godly way. In a time when so many fathers are absent or uncaring, Carey Casey is concerned with father-son involvement, so that fathers are present in their children’s lives and can pass a legacy along to them.

What I most appreciate about Casey’s book is that he doesn’t try to scare readers with statistics or make his point through crushing numbers about how kids are worse off than ever before. These things are mostly true, and he doesn’t disagree with the size of the task ahead of fathers today. But rather than focus on the need, Casey jumps right into the fundamentals — the x’s and o’s of a playbook. He begins at love, looking first to the image set for us in God the father. “I believe the Great Commandment is the key to grasping the loving part of Championship Fathering,” he writes. “Loving is responsible and deliberate beneficial action on behalf of another.” Any practical work on good parenting, Casey argues, needs to spring from love that images God’s love.

God is the original, inexhaustible source of love. Even the most loving father can’t love his family more than God does. The greatest gift a dad can give to his children is to love them and connect them with their heavenly Father, the ultimate source of love.

Carey Casey is simple, straightforward. He’s a man who’s spent his life exploring the love of God and then pouring that love out on the people around him, starting with his children. The rest of the book is great, deeply practical and insightful, but as far as I’m concerned, Godly imaging is the core of Casey’s book, and it’s most important message. I’m not a dad yet, but I hope to be someday. By God’s grace, I want to be a father that knows God’s love deeply, and passes it on to my children. I want to leave a legacy behind me of following hard after God and bringing my children up in God’s truth.

This is what Carey Casey and the National Center for Fathering exist to do. Championship Fathering is a distilling of all that Casey has spoken on and lived for the past thirty years. As his organization works with orphans, homeless, and widowed, as well as championing the value of fathering nationwide, Championship Fathering is the well-worn playbook, the x’s and o’s of loving fathering.


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