Into the Book


you with the bones of a straining soul
come to the cascade

you with the scars of living in flesh
come to the dripping brim

you with the aching eyes that are too old
come to the siphoning,
the spilling,
the laughter of thunder
of a water-crash down the rocks
leaping from crag to crag

come to the city
come to the site
where the light came
the light
firstborn in the darkness
on the first Day
marking the time–
the light
the light that made the darkness blink,
and squint–
the light that flickered, burned low,
is far away now
in a solar of orbits
but still falls on everything
through the chinks in the threads

come to the light
(you with no words for such tired eyes)
the light that spills on the broken
gates to the bones of the earth
and the fires beneath it

come to the light
the giver of names–
come to the light that is drinkable–

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