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A novel, started May 2016

Currahee is is a story about time travel and opportunity, set in the distant but imminent past-future of Northeast Georgia.

Updates I’ve written about this book:
  • Closing In: an update on All Right

    Well, November ends in 4 days (four days!). And that’s counting today, to boot! No, I’m not in panic mode — why should you ask? NaNo has been fantastic-ish. I may or may not be putting off writing the ending, but that’s none of your business! First, an update:

  • Halfway to 50,000 words!

    It’s November 7th, and we’re officially into one week of NaNoWriMo. I’m reminded (again) just how ridiculous the assignment is: to write a full-length novel over the course of November. And I even cheated, by starting with about 10,000 words of pre-written draft. So how’s it going?

  • Writing Life: Swimming in It

    Ever since I realized (last week) that All Right has been somewhere in my head for over two years, I’ve been a little bit ashamed by how long it’s taken to produce a draft of the story. After all, 10,000 usable words in two years is not exactly a blistering pace.

  • Writing Life: It’s All Right, really.

    I couldn’t believe it when I realized that All Right was nearly two years old. But thanks to the record here on Writing Life, I realized that All Right came into being during May of 2016 — over two years ago at this point. I wrote plenty of columns about it, too: here, here, here, […]

  • Writing Life: Snapshots

    It’s really hard to pick up a story that’s been dead for months and try to breathe life into it. I read over the twenty or so pages that are on paper so far, and that helped me a little bit to remember where I’m going with “All Right.” I also had my trusty outline, […]

  • Writing Life: Steal from the Greeks

    Last week we talked about keeping a deep and varied reading list as a great way to get inspiration for a story. Today, we’re going to drill into a specific type of inspiration: the ancient classics. Suzanne Collins is great, but have you read your Aristophanes lately?

  • When story becomes autobiography

    I’m convinced that every story is always partially true. There’s always enough mixed in to make it fiction, but reality is always lurking just behind. Even in fiction, we can see an author’s own life in the cracks of a story — why, for example, we can sense Hemingway’s own wrestlings behind his characters’ troubles. […]

  • Writing Life: 3 Ways to Grow a Seedling Story

    I recently had a new story idea fall into my lap. This doesn’t happen very often, and sometimes it feels like I’ve been given a tiny baby story. If I don’t care for it, maybe it won’t take root. So I’ve been clutching this tiny story idea, hoping that I don’t make a hash of […]