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How often do you think about the triune nature of God? Have you ever considered how the doctrine of the Trinity should impact you, as a Christian? Many haven’t, and all would benefit from meditating on the rich truths within this doctrine. Experiencing the Trinity, by Joe Thorn isn’t about fully understanding the nature of the Trinity, the focus is on taking in individual truths and responding to them, digesting them with the hope that your focus would be filled by our great triune God.

Experiencing the Trinity is one of those books where the introduction is worth reading. Thorn tells us he has written these reflections to himself, and now shares them to encourage any believer who is struggling with anxiety, among other things. He then shares a personal testimony that provides a strong context and backdrop for the rest of the book.

The main body of is divided into three parts. The section on the Father focuses on unpacking the Father’s attributes. He is holy. He is powerful. He is present. The section on the Son reflects on Jesus’ humanity, deity, poverty, suffering. His unique presence. The section on the Holy Spirit ponders how He regenerates, intercedes, comforts, teaches, grieves for, and indwells us.

Each section draws out the nuances of what that Person of the Trinity is, how They interact with us, and, consequently, why they personally deserve our devotion and praise.

Thorn’s writing is straightforward, not overly decorative, with a personal voice speaking to the reader directly, putting forth the bittersweet truth of the gospel as applied to the believer’s everyday life. The chapters are around two pages long each, excellent for daily devotional reading.

Each chapter is headed by a verse of Scripture, followed by Thorn’s meditations based upon the verse. Everything said is tied closely to Scripture, challenging, encouraging, and convicting the anxious, tempted, or doubtful Christian, and refocusing them on the unfathomable, but knowable Triune God.

Not every chapter gripped me immediately with some new revelation, many reminded me of important truths, and related them to life in a way I had never considered, or constantly forget to think upon. Several chapters blew my mind, making me aware of my own sin while reminding me of my hope in all three Persons of the Trinity. I plan to read this book again as I seek to saturate my soul in the truth of Scripture, and learn to reflect on these truths on my own when anxiety grips me.

So, Christian. Have you considered how all three Persons of the Trinity impact your life, and deserve your complete devotion and submission? Whether this is a new concept to you or something you’ve wrestled with in the past, this short book will help to open your eyes, and fix them on Jesus—and your Father in Heaven, and the Spirit indwelling you at this moment.

~ Jeremiah

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  1. amy

    I actually just attended a conference about the Trinity, and I happened to see this book for sale while I was there (but I didn’t buy it, ha-ha). Your review makes me interested to read it now!

  2. Jeremiah

    That’s awesome! The author of this book spoke at our church before I got the book, but I was planning to get it anyway, haha. Good! You should read it if you get the chance. ^_^

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