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Though written chiefly for young men, the concept and title of this book hooked me so fully that I had to read it – Finishing Strong, and I believe it is as relevant for women as it is for men. In most cases, we young people tend to be consumed by the here-and-now of every day; living and loving in the present as best we can. Yet in the back of our minds, we know the clock is ticking – the days are counting down to the point where we will finally break the tape at the finish line. So it begs the question – how do we want to finish life’s race? And how can we finish it well?

If you happened to read my review of How to Ruin Your Life by Forty, then this book is like the expanded edition, with boots on. Mr. Farrar jumps right in the deep end with the very first chapter, hitting you square between the eyes with a bold and courageous challenge:

From [his] experience, only one out of ten men who start strong in their twenties will still be on track with Christ at sixty-five. Now here’s my question to you, and I want you to think about it carefully: what makes you think that you will be the one man out of ten who finishes strong? What makes you think that you won’t be one of the nine who fell short of the mark? The man who finishes strong, after all, is the exception. Why? Because when it comes to finishing strong, the odds are against you. Finishing strong is not impossible. It is, however, improbable… What exceptional measures are you taking in your life to ensure that you will be the one out of ten?

I loved this book for its grit. Farrar knows there are things in the world that would tie the feet of those who want to run a good race, and he wastes no time in pointing them out. Not only will those stumbling blocks hinder your own running, but they will also impede the lives of those around you who look to you as an example and/or leader. Every step you take is either building a foundation for you future family and friends, or destroying it.

I loved how almost the entire book was a deep look into Biblical examples of good and bad finishes, such as the lives of David, Manasseh, and Moses. There is so much meat in this book to chew – from the ways pride hinders teachability, how success and power can eat away one’s appetite for God’s Word, and how unaccountability can erode your faith dangerously. It also gives you strong advice on how to keep Scripture before your eyes, avoiding the devil’s snares, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, finish life’s race the strongest Christian you’ve ever been. Needless to say, I found this book enthralling and challenging. It sucked me in from the first page, and I could not put it down. Raw wisdom is hard to come by these days, and Steve Farrar is about as raw as it gets. Thus I would caution younger readers before attempting this book because of the fair dose of unbrushed adult content.

Men, if you have a desire to lead your family in a strong walk with God, read this book. Women, if you want to learn how best to help your man be that leader, read this book. If you want to get to the end of the race closer to God than you’ve been in your whole life, this is a read you don’t want to miss.

This book has been about vision. The vision to finish strong. What does it mean to finish strong? It means that you will come to the end of your life with a strong and close relationship to Christ. It means that, unless God has taken your wife ahead of you, you will be married to the same woman that you are today. It means that you are a man who is in the Scriptures and living the Scriptures. It means that you are a man who has fought some battles for the kingdom and has the scars to prove it. To finish strong means that you are leaving your children and grandchildren the priceless heritage of a godly life.

So I ask you: are you man or woman enough to take up the challenge? Dare to become that one out of ten.

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