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You are a discerning reader, and you know that giveaways featuring the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy don’t come along every day. But that’s exactly what we’re doing here at ItB. For the next week, enter to win this entire, beautiful trilogy. Here’s how:



The basic requirement for entering is to comment below using the name and email address fields. That’s it! Once you’ve done that, you can also help yourself to a bonus entry by resharing our post on Facebook: here is the link. You need to reshare this post specifically so that we can track who’s shared. This only counts as a bonus entry on top of the comment entry. Double your chances to win!

This giveaway won’t be open long — we’re closing it on Tuesday, October 13th at 11:59PM (Central time), so get your entries in there ASAP! And don’t forget to reshare on Facebook for extra chances to win. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to subscribe over in the right-hand sidebar to stay up to date with future giveaways, posts, and writing. We’ll be announcing the winner on the blog and on Facebook.

Here are the books in all their glory:




We can only open the giveaway to US entries because international shipping expenses are prohibitive. Our apologies!
You need to enter with a valid email address so we can contact you in case of winning.
Duplicate comments will disqualify a reader from winning (except for technical glitches, etc).


Update: We’ve announced our winner:

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  1. Marisa Lu Makil

    I love these books! I remember my dad reading them to my sibs and I when we were kids.

  2. SwagMcSwaggerson

    Haven’t read the books, I’ve only seen the movies. I’d love to be able to read the trilogy in full detail and glory.

  3. Ellen Helpman

    How exciting!!!!! Yet another series to add to my growing collection of books 🙂

  4. Casey Coburn

    This is amazing! I’ve only been able to read the first two books this reminds me I should try and get a hold of the third one.

  5. Riley

    This is an amazing series that everyone should read at least once in their life. Preferably, multiple times! 🙂

  6. Janay Faulkner

    :O These are so cool! I have read, but do not own, any LOTR books. These would be great to add to my shelf!

  7. Laura

    I would love, love, love to win these! I’ve read Lord of the Rings nine times, starting when I was ten years old; seriously, it’s one of the best books ever. And this looks like a lovely set. Fingers crossed really tightly!

  8. Kara Schifano

    Wow. I have been bargin hunting for these books for a while now. What an amazing opportunity! I loves these books.

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