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You thought the Lord of the Rings giveaway was as good as it got. You would be wrong. Another month, another giveaway, and today we have the entire Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson, up for grabs to one lucky reader! Not only that, all four books are signed by the author himself. Find out how to enter:

If you’re not familiar with Andrew Peterson’s excellent Wingfeather saga, you can learn more at our review of book three, The Monster in the Hollows (We’ve also reviewed Books 1 and 2). In short, they’re a phenomenal fantasy series for kids and adults alike, telling the story of the fight to free Aerwiar from the tyranny of Gnag the Nameless. They’re rollicking good stories, and come highly recommended from us at ItB.

Before you enter, you’d probably like to know that in addition to the four signed books (as if that wasn’t enough!), the folks over at Rabbit Room are also throwing in a Map of Aerwiar (featured in the post image, just above) and Pembrick’s Creaturepedia. All told, you could be walking away with a $60 bundle of books and goodies. You really don’t want to miss this one!



The basic requirement for entering is to comment below using the name and email address fields (you must enter a valid email so we can contact you in case of winning). The comment will need to be approved, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up immediately. That’s it! Once you’ve done that, you can also help yourself to a bonus entry by resharing this post on Facebook. You need to reshare the exact post at the linky so that we can track who’s shared; unfortunately, any posts shared through the share buttons at the bottom of the post will not increase your chances of winning (but we’d appreciate it anyway!).

The Facebook share is a bonus entry, and only counts on top of the comment — shares without a comment won’t be counted. You can quickly double your chances of winning!

This giveaway is open starting now and will continue through November 27th, ending at 11:59PM Central time. So get your entries in there ASAP. And don’t forget: share on Facebook to increase your chances of winning!


We can only open the giveaway to US entries because international shipping expenses are prohibitive. Our apologies!
You need to enter with a valid email address so we can contact you in case of winning.
Clear duplicate/spam comments will disqualify a reader from winning (except for technical glitches, etc).


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  1. Kaleb Kramer

    I got to hear him live and talk with him a little bit over the weekend. It was fantastic. He’s such a warm person . That sounds a little creepy now that I think about it, but it’s not meant to be.

  2. Laura Sauer

    My daughter loves Andrew Peterson and the Wingfeather Saga. She would be so excited if I win.

  3. ekaiserwrites

    Sounds like a great series! I’ve not read any of his, but have heard about it here and there… Must be a fun world to dive into!
    Great giveaway!

  4. Katie Grace

    Aaack! I want to read the last book SO badly but it costs too much on Amazon for me and my library doesn’t have it.. *tear* So winning this giveaway would be awesome. πŸ˜‰
    Thank you!

  5. Kelsey Zink

    I love these books. I would love to own them. Thanks for the chance to win the whole set!! πŸ˜€

  6. Christy

    I would love to get this series! I have a friend that loves them and I would love to read them as well!

  7. Christina

    I’ve always wanted to read these, but haven’t gotten a chance yet. This would be great. πŸ˜€

  8. Jessica

    Multiple friends recommended the Wingfeather Saga to me, and I have to say, I have fallen in love with it. It’s beautiful. πŸ™‚ Would love to own it!

  9. Sheri C

    My youngest is completely enamoured by the WFS. Her book fair entry was for OTEotDSoD, she dressed as Leeli for a costume party, she wants a kitten to name Podo, etc….Why, I hazard that she’d cross ice prairies and fight Fangs for autographed copies of these treasures.

  10. Rebekah Koretoff

    A wonderful series! I was particularly touched by the relationship between the brothers. I wonder what their relationship will look like as adults.

  11. Katie

    I have friends that have read and loved these, and I’ve been wanting to, I just haven’t been able to justify the cost of acquiring them yet… but I’d love to win this! Thanks for running the giveaway!

  12. CamsShel

    Fantastic Books! We read all of them this summer during the library’s summer reading program and I’ve been trying to decide who gets them for Christmas… What a wonderful giveaway!

  13. sarahtps

    The Wingfeather Saga is one of my favorite series. <3 I finally read Warden and the Wolf King this year and OH STARS. It was amazing.

  14. Abigail Ling

    I adore the Wingfeather Saga series and would love love love to win the signed copies to share with my family!!

  15. Jeremy

    I’ve heard nothing but great things about this series and would love to have it for my wife, kids, and me!

  16. J. Gregory

    A wonderful series from a very talented author and musician who just continues to get better. Been a follower and supporter for years!

  17. Duane

    Love these books as recently was promoting them on FB anyway…will give away the set to a worthy friend if I win!

  18. Kyle Harold

    As a child therapist, I see the wonder of a child and Creator’s mind at play in this beautiful story.

  19. Zachary Totah

    One of my friends is an avid Wingfeather Saga fan. He’s been bugging me to read the books, which I haven’t, so winning this would be awesome for both of us. πŸ™‚

  20. Greg Sailors

    I followed Andrew for years and would be very blessed to win this and give them to another family. I have turned many to his books and songs already! Always love the authenticity and love that he puts into his works!

  21. Debra K.

    Would LOVE to win these for my hubby’s birthday & Christmas!! We absolutely LOVE Andrew Peterson!!

  22. erinbraz

    I love these books and would love to have a hard copy! (Have them on my kindle) Andrew is one of my all-time faves….both as an artist and author. πŸ™‚

  23. Melissa R.

    Love this series! We read them aloud as a family. We were all sad when we finished…may have to start again. πŸ˜‰

  24. Susannah Petrounov

    I’ve been meaning to buy this series to read to my two boys 9 & 6; would be great to win – all the best!

  25. Miranda Hedlund

    My family has all read these together, and have laughed and cried with the characters all along the way. Now that I have moved out, I would love to be able to cherish those memories over again.

  26. Tina Moser

    This is a much-loved favorite. It isn’t just a fantastic adventure story, it’s a family discipleship tool. We often find ourselves quoting bits to one another in an effort to encourage and remind ourselves of what is true. When we go our separate ways, we charge one another, “Remember who you are.” It would be good fun to win and to share this rich series with another family.

  27. Mandy Meadows

    It would be a wonderful Christmas present for my daughter (and who am I kidding, me too πŸ™‚ ). I’ve had my eyes on Andrew’s books for a while now but just not enough money to buy them yet. I’ve read excerpts and reviews and they all sound oh so intriguing and exciting. Would love to win these.

  28. Brandon Kharns

    I listened to them all on audiobook, here’s hoping for paper copies! I loved every minute of it

  29. John Nichols

    I came across these books a year or so ago and decided to read the first and with in the first chapter I was hooked! I read all four of the book without delay. Hands down the best series I have ever read. I enjoyed them even more than the Chronicles of Narnia. I’ve even had 2 of my 4 children read them. The other two are on deck. Loved them!

  30. Amber

    I have heard so many wonderful things about this series and have been wanting to read it! Here’s hoping I’ll get to start sooner rather than later by winning the set!

  31. Mary Ann Stroven

    I have read the first couple of Wingfeather books from the library & enjoyed them. I would LOVE to own them!

  32. Robyn Yahola

    We love these books!!!! My son doesn’t want me to finish reading The Warden and the Wolf King because he doesn’t want it to end. If you haven’t read these books, get them now!!!

  33. Heidi

    This series became one of my absolute favorites from the moment I read it! I’ve spent the last year spreading the Wingfeather love as far as I could. Unfortunately I only own the first book so this giveaway would become a present to myself *and* a friend

    Warning to anyone who has not yet read the last book: There will be tears. It’s some of the most beautiful storytelling ever crafted.

  34. Tyler R

    Andrew Peterson is an incredible artist of many talents and much wisdom–grateful for the way his work gives me vision and hope and love!

  35. Amy Chapman

    These books have brought such joy to my family of five. Such a beautiful tale of redemption.

  36. Cara Fay

    We’ve been wanting to read this to our kids ever since we heard about the series from a friend.

  37. Michele J.

    HUGE fan of his music – and have been wanting to read his books… Thanks so much for the opportunity to receive all this goodness! πŸ™‚

  38. Michele J.

    HUGE fan of his music – have been wanting to read his books… thanks so much for the opportunity to receive all this goodness! πŸ™‚

  39. tschierk

    My 14 year old son and I are reading this together. We’d love another set to share with someone else!

  40. Erica

    I have heard SO many wonderful things about these books!! I would love to have them for my family and myself!!

  41. Stacia jones

    We love Andrew. My son just finished this series and has been drawing and illustrating his own “inspired” tome. Brilliant reads.

  42. Brent Salvig

    My son got a D in reading so I had him start reading the first book in the series out loud to me. I’m now glad my son got a D in reading if only because I get to spend the time listening to him enjoy reading your book.

  43. CrazyLikeA

    Oh, Oh! Pick me, Pick me!! I have read the books and so have my kids. We even named one of our dogs Peet the Sock Man. (unfortunately Peet then ate a sock that had to be surgically removed, talk about living up to your name).

  44. Ashley

    This is one of the few series that my girls agree on. I can’t wait until the boys are old enough to read them!

  45. Joe Richards

    I have given this series to my niece, she loves them as much as I do. Wonderful stories and great for reading aloud at bedtime.

  46. Andrew

    Huge supporter of AP’s music, but completely new to his fantasy world. Sounds interesting from what everyone says. Great grace!

  47. Clinton J. Holloway

    Knew Andrew before he was a “famous author.” Way to go! Would love to get the books for my kids.

  48. Cecily

    My husband and I LOVED these books! And I would love to own a copy to share with my daughters when they get a little older. (And to re-read myself!)

  49. lorenwarn

    Such an incredible series. It’s always great to have an extra set on hand to share or give away πŸ™‚ .

  50. Tiffany

    I am a 41 yr old mom of 4 boys and a new grandson! I would love to have these books as much for myself as for them!!!

  51. Lydia

    I love the books, and being able to meet him and see his behold the lamb of god concert live was amazing!!!

  52. Elizabeth Dechow

    We have the whole series, but want to enter so we can share with our school library!

  53. Melissa

    This is the only book series that my older girls (12 and 11) gobbled up in two days, then begged me to read them aloud to their younger sisters (9, 7, and 3) because they loved them (the books and the sisters!) so much! This set would absolutely send them over the moon.

  54. Shantelle

    I love fantasy, and really want to read this series! I’m sure my younger siblings would love them too! ^_^ Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!! Off to share on Facebook! πŸ˜€

  55. Kevin Stringham

    I read On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness with my fifth grade students, and they can’t wait to get to it this year. This would be an awesome addition to our classroom experience.

  56. Shell Bacon

    I have heard great reviews of this series. My kids love reading, and this would be right up their alley .

  57. Zaarin

    Andrew Peterson is one of my favorite songwriters, and I’ve learned a lot from his advice on writing–I’d love the chance to read his writing itself. πŸ™‚

  58. Hannah May

    Oh my gosh, I would love to have this set. The Wingfeather books have been such a strength to my soul. I want to have them for my children when they are old enough.

  59. J Johnson

    Eeek! This series is on top of my list of must-read-alouds with my children, having heard so much good feedback. I loved Peterson’s brother’s Fiddlers Gun, and can’t wait to see how deep the family talent runs! πŸ™‚

  60. Blaine

    Love these books! We would replace our piecemeal copies with the bundle and donate our copies to our library – I have been singing the praises of the series there.

  61. daniel wendefors

    Of course i have to enter… My Favorite singer/songwriter furthermore bookwriter…

  62. Abby Rienks

    I’ve been plotting and scheming some way to get Andrew to sign all my books, so maybe this is my answer πŸ˜‰ I would probably cry if I got them, not gonna lie.

  63. Michael Newman

    I’ve got 4 stockings hung by the fire with care with four little girl names on them for four books that would grace our home this Christmas! C’mon c’mon!

  64. Greg Perkins

    I could comment some long paragraph on how I think I should win, but to be honest….I don’t need to win! I just really want to! My youth pastor told me I needed to read this series and I just haven’t gotten around to buying the books.

  65. Heather Beltran

    I am slowly building a library of wholesome books for my girls. These books would be a welcome addition to their library! I grew up reading and it is still my favorite hobby. I hope to pass my passion for reading on to my girls so they also will be lifelong readers!

  66. Theresa Lowther

    If I win, I would donate the set to my school’s library as I already own this series and have read it through twice. I can’t tell you have many times I have reread the last four chapters of The Warden and the Wolf King. Beautiful!

  67. Levi Fortner

    I was just about to borrow the first one from a friend. It’d be wonderful to have them for myself! I’ve been wanting to dive in to this series for some time now. I think highly of Andrew.

  68. Tonya Rowland

    I have a son that struggles to find books he likes to read. We find our best bet is to find a series he can sink his teeth into. These books would be great for him.

  69. Nathan Shervheim

    I already own the books, but the map and Creaturepedia, along with them being signed, make it well worth my while.

  70. Becky

    Mr. Peterson is such a wise father. He built so many truths into this series to share not only with his own children, but with all young and old. Such adventure filled with humor, horror, tears, and laughter! A wondrous way to grow!

  71. Sheila

    Andrew is an amazing author and songwriter! Check out his books and records; they’re all insightful and uplifting!

  72. Allison Redd

    We love this series & can’t wait to gift it to a friend! We’ll celebrate over bowls of cheesy chowder!

  73. Emily

    These books have been on my wish list for far too long! I am already looking forward to the day when I can read these with my kiddos too!

  74. Lori

    My kids and I love this series! We’ve borrowed and read books 1-3 so far. I’ve already bought book 1 for two different people to get them hooked, but my kids and I would love to own our own set! Beautiful and moving!

  75. Deborah Stockwell

    It would be fun to read these books with the ninth graders that I teach (reading books with them also gives me an excuse to get some fun reading in – grad school textbooks don’t cut it. :)).

  76. Canaan Bound

    In the words of the great Alastair Von Stripfel, “When it cometh to winning free books…sign me up!”

  77. Alice

    Andrew Peterson is my favorite singer/songwriter. If you haven’t checked out his music, you should.

  78. Stephen

    I’ve intended to dive into this series on the recommendation of several dear friends for months now. After spending time soaking in Andrew Peterson’s music, I’m quite eager to explore his prose. Pick me!

  79. Jeanice Birch

    Loved this series! I so appreciate the different (and Christ-like) slant on what makes a hero and the importance of serving over even being served.

  80. hope

    Oh My word! This is the most amazing book series!!!! I would love a set of my own to read to the kids!

  81. Joy

    I’ve looked at these for a while and know my son would love them. These are the kind of books he loves!

  82. Paul DeHart

    I place a high premium on any work wedded wedded to moral and metaphysical realism–as were the works of Lewis, Tolkien, Chesterton, MacDonald …

  83. Nate

    Although I’ve never read these books I’ve heard much that is good about them. I’m looking forward to reading them sometime soon, one way or another.

  84. Caitlin Milam

    These books are fit to put on the shelf alongside Narnia and Lord of the Rings. Peterson made something truly magical! I’ll be reading these to my kids – the first of which isn’t even here yet. But when he/she gets here, the Wingfeather Saga will be one of his/her first stories.

  85. Eric Sosebee

    I’ve fallen inescapably in love with these books over the past few years. They’re so incredible. Some of the best stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

  86. Dan Herford

    These books are fabulous. I’ve read them all aloud to my family, and they are a favorite. Andrew Peterson has crafted a tale that has such a fantastic story arc, such beautiful imagery, and such depth of meaning that I think it surpasses Narnia. I really like the Wingfeather Saga a lot.

  87. Mary Beth Lowery

    I’ve been fascinated from your posts about the series and am ready for a new adventure! Besides loving your music, Andrew, I am blessed to ‘know’ you and your family and have been tempted to begin the read; when money permits. I would be thrilled to win! God Bless!

  88. Natalee Creech

    My son and I read these on Kindle, but how much nicer would it be to hold them in your hands! These are books worth buying in paper AND electronically so that you can take them everywhere.

  89. Kristen Koenig

    This is awesome! I love Andrew Peterson and love these books! Was just telling someone yesterday that this is a series I want to buy for our kids!

  90. Nathaniel Miller

    These aren’t just great books. They form a story that resonates in the deepest part of my soul. As a follower of Christ, they have enriched my walk in ways few books ever have.

  91. Celeste Harris

    This is a beautiful, funny, poignant, skillfully written series that is full of truth. I have been recommending it to my Middle-School Literature students, and my daughter is writing an essay on the first one in the series. Each book gets better and better!

  92. Jelly Fulcher

    These are wonderful books full of life, fun and adventure. My daughter loves them and I’m looking forward to introducing my son to this series.

  93. Dan Carman

    I actually just started listening to the series on Audible, checking them out as a gift for my grandson. I have enjoyed them myself. Andrew Peterson is a gifted musician, singer, song writer speaker and author. Look forward to holding hard copies in my hands.

  94. Cyndy Bunn

    Not sure where my first comment went…I love AP’s music and would love to read his books as well!

  95. Sharon wall

    All of our sins have read these books and loved them. Now it’s time for the parents to find time!

  96. Sarah

    My daughter would love to read this series. I never read them either, so I would love to get a chance to read them too!

  97. Nathaniel

    “New” children’s fiction series by skilled musician-turned-author Andrew Peterson. Guaranteed to unite the most divided Lewisian-Tolkienian factions. You (and your kids, I suppose) will be hooked.

  98. Rebekah Drahosh

    I love this series and would love to gift it to a friend! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  99. Christa Scott

    This books are brilliant. I have lots of nieces and nephews would love to win a set to share with them.

  100. Mary B

    I would love to get these for my son! I admit I would read them first before he ever laid eyes on them, though. πŸ™‚

  101. Shannon

    These books are fantastic! I would love to On my way! them to read to my kids (and retread myself!

  102. Tessa Bates

    I love the Wingfeather Saga! Andrew Peterson has been blessed with the gift of story telling, whether it be through music or on the page. These are our family’s favorite books.

  103. Chris Holdridge

    We’ve read them all and we love them! Having this set on the shelf would make me feel less icky about loaning out my current set to friends! : )

  104. Judy

    These are a family favorite in our house. Admittedly, we do own all of the books, but I would love to get these so I can introduce a new family to this series.

  105. Abigail Grebe

    Please please enter me in the contest! I would read these books over and over again if I owned them. I can’t wait to read them out loud to my son when he’s a bit older!

  106. smithlaurel

    Wonderful books, fantastic giveaway! I’m always wanting to be able to hand people a copy instead of just telling them how fabulous the Wingfeathers are.

  107. Diane McElwain

    My grandchildren were reading one book and were DYING to read the rest. Grandma came to the rescue, but they keep getting passed around and I haven’t been able to read them yet! They must be terrific!

  108. Teresa Brubaker

    My daughter and It ry to get the word out as much as we can: this is a wonderfuls series!! The writing is such that it draws you in, fills you with emotion., makes you yearn to be in the action, and gives you hope in the Creator afresh. Read these books!

  109. Cindy Sosebee

    We love these books!! Our family actually argued about who would get to read them first as they were published. We would love to have another set!!

  110. Marielena VΓ©lez de Brown

    Does anyone know where to find a list of character building books for children of different ages? I learn about books like these hapahzerdly and would like to be more intentional about getting books ready for different stages of children’s development. Thanks very much.

  111. Mia Phipps

    This book series brought our entire family together for one exciting, adventurous and enthralling story. We have 4 children with a ten year spread and they were all engaged and invested in the story. It wasn’t just our children but my husband and I as well that loved this series. My 15 year old has read the entire series 4 times.

  112. Cami Daniels

    We are always looking for more good books to read! My son would be excited to read these!

  113. Linda Schrag

    My children and I are huge Andrew Peterson fans. I would love to have these books in my home.

  114. Scott Kennedy

    My first comment did not post, so I am trying this again. Don’t disqualify me, please! I love this series and am currently reading the second book on a Kindle. I would enjoy having these copies in codex form.

  115. Joy

    Been looking for some solid good books that I would read, and that my son would read again and again and again. He loved LOTR.

  116. Jon Mark

    Sounds like an interesting series. I’d never heard of it before today, but sounds like it could be fun. πŸ™‚

  117. Maggie B

    We love Andre Peterson’s music at our house. Just this week, I discovered that not only does he span beyond slugs and bugs, but he also is an author.

  118. Seth Bates

    I’ve heard good things, but these books aren’t at my local library. This would be even better than borrowing them…

  119. Krista Reilmann

    I met Andrew Peterson at one of his shows last week, and he was great to talk to! Haven’t read the whole series yet, but I wold love to own them!

  120. Robert Cooper

    Yes please! I have been wanting to start this series with my daughter for some time now!

  121. Lynda Simmons

    I woke up many mornings tired due to not being able to put down these books the night before! Andrew Peterson is an amazing writer! A signed copy for me means I get to give my set away to a very lucky friend! πŸ™‚

  122. Abigail Johnson

    Would love to read these! I also have twin brother in laws who would LOVE these as a Christmas Gift!

  123. Kim Conrad

    Anything written by Andrew Peterson would be at the top of my “wish list”!!! He has a rare gift; the ability to share things real and raw, while at the same time showing (and helping us feel) beauty and great hope.

  124. Kellie M.

    The Wingfeather Saga is one of my favourites! I even took copies of these books with me to South Africa to share with my former students. They absolutey loved them! (And so do I!!!)

  125. Lindsey

    I’ve heard good things…it’d be nice to add to my book stockpile before winter gets here!

  126. Joshua Elder

    I’ve been wanting to read this series myself, and I have two younger brothers who I think would enjoy it as well!

  127. JJ Dunham

    We are a house full of “book nerds.” We keep hearing about this series, but have yet to be exposed to it. If we receive these books, they will be read. It’s how we roll.

  128. Micah Basham

    I got to read the first two and lost them during our move to Ft Stewart. Would love to read all of them!

  129. James

    I love the series. I have read the first three, and re-reading the third before finishing with the fourth.

  130. Rose

    I was extremely lucky to see Andrew Peterson in concert when he came to my hometown. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my Wingfeather books, so I didn’t get them signed! While I’m secretly hoping Mr. Peterson will come to my town again (I am overly fond of my book copies and would dearly loved them signed), having a spare copy as a gift to one of my siblings would be (almost) as amazing!

  131. Casey Miller

    Would love to win this! I am nearing the end of book one and already know I would love to own these to read and share with my boys when they are older!

  132. Christina A

    My kids are just starting this series with an audiobook from the library; would love to own it!

  133. Heather Baehr

    Would love to win these for my husband who loves the series! (And for my kiddos, too!) πŸ™‚

  134. Sarah

    This is one of my FAVORITE series! Would love a second set since the set I have is destined for India with some friends who are moving there as missionaries <3

  135. Caroline Orwoll

    My sister has just about memorized everything about these books. Might be an early Christmas present if I win. =)

  136. Ruth

    THANKS! The children should love them, as friends say they’re like Narnia, and other great works.
    Maybe we’ll get a chance to read them, too!

  137. Karen G

    Thanks so much for publicizing this magnificent series. My 9 year old loves it, as do my husband and I.

  138. shawnuel

    I actually got pre-bound copies of each book which is weird because I review music, not books, but heck… was Andrew Peterson! So…..would be nice to have the actual product.

  139. Jacob P

    This is a great series! I borrowed them from a friend, so having my own copies would be awesome.

  140. Anna Robertson

    My Mum introduced me to these books a few years ago,absolutely love them! thanks for this opportunity πŸ™‚

  141. Rebecca Lyn

    As an avid children’s book reader, elementary teacher (though technically teaching high school right now), and a fan of Andrew Peterson’s music, I’m excited that he also writes literature!

  142. amy

    Andrew Peterson is one of my favorite writers. This giveaway makes me so happy. πŸ™‚ (It’d make me even way happier if I actually won it….)

  143. katie

    I’m always looking for good read-alouds for my family but I’ve never heard of these. Looking forward to reading them!

  144. Erin Hoak

    I NEED these books!! We have 4 boys who are avid readers and would LOVE these…My oldest has read the first two that we were able to find at the library and has been asking for the next! They would be read so many times in this house!

  145. Kendra Smalley

    Andrew Peterson is a great writer; I admire his authenticity and unique style, and his books are fantastic!

  146. Sarah Plonsky

    I have heard so many recommendations for these books and have kids just entering the age where they would enjoy them…we’d love to read them together as a family!

  147. Glenn Lambert

    I’m the biggest kid in the house and want to share the series with my Throne Warden, Song Maiden and King!

  148. Jayna

    We’ve done the first three books as a read aloud and are hoping to do the fourth soon! The series is wonderful!

  149. Aimee Dunn

    We haven’t read these yet, but would love to begin the series! Thank you for this opportunity!

  150. Erin Mangan

    We love his music, but have never read his books. Sadly, our library doesn’t have them yet.

  151. Julieann Cowell

    Love the series! I’ve enjoyed sharing it with my family and giving it as gifts to friends.

  152. Crystal Joos

    Highly recommended by my friends. I hope to read these one day. My kids probably would adore them too!

  153. R. Osborne

    I read these for the first time a few months ago and was very impressed. Can’t wait till my kids are old enough for them! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  154. Ruth Ventrello

    I haven’t heard of these books before and it looks like a great series to read with my kids.

  155. Sam Loewen

    LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!! I borrowed all these books from my friend and read all of them (reading them now for the second time!) and loved them and now would like my own copy. Thank you Andrew Peterson!!!!!!

  156. Brenda N

    I would love to win these books (and the additional bonus’s as well). A friend has been telling me about them and how much she has enjoyed reading them, so I can’t wait to start!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  157. Moriah Roman

    I absolutely love these books!!!! I have looked ALL OVER for a used copy of the creaturepedia (there’s just something I dislike about ebooks) but cant find one πŸ™
    Seriously they are so good! I have gotten sooooo many friends hooked on them!! :p

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