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Dare To Stand True…Voice of the Martyrs and DC Talk bring you the gripping stories of people all over the world that have stood up for their beliefs in their book series, “Jesus Freaks”. Since the earliest times, men and women alike have been willing to Stay True to Christ and give up their lives for him no matter what their situation, but what are their stories? How do you Stay True to Christ in today’s culture? Is there even persecution of Christians in America? Questions like these boggle adults and teens alike, but where do they find their answers?

A book loaded with all the answers teens and adult need for their faith to survive in a world that is getting farther and farther away from it’s biblical founding. Stories of unmovable Christians, who Held Fast to Christ, even when citations seemed impossible. And Short Devotionals that give encouraging verses and tips teens and adults can use anytime they are pressured, made fun of, or just anytime they need to stand up for Christ.
Voice Of The Martyrs is a non-profit organization that brings encouragement to Christians in prison, and the hope of Jesus Christ through care packages, and food.

DC Talk is a Christian Rock/Rap band that wrote an album called “Jesus Freak” and partnered w/ Voice Of The Martyrs to produce this book.

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