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Here at ItB, we love stories. Stories have the power to connect people. They have the power to take you places you’ve never been, to see things you’ve never seen. To be a reader is to be an explorer. All you need is a book and a good imagination! If you are young (or young at heart), this column is for you. Come with us and discover the best and brightest of children’s literature.

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This Month's Author

Kate DiCamillo

We sat down with Kate DiCamillo to learn a little bit more about her writing. Kate DiCamillo is an author that’s written many great stories, such as The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The Tale of Despereaux, Flora and Ulysses, and The Magician’s Elephant.

Into the Book: So, why do you write the stories you do?

Kate DiCamillo: There is some ancient need in me to tell a story. That’s part of it. And part of it is wonder and joy and grief and love. Writing stories gives me a place to put all those big feelings.

ItB: Which book is your favorite one? Why?

Kate: Oh man, I never think about that. I would drive myself crazy if I tried to figure that out. My job is to tell the story I have been given as well and truthfully as I can. Once it goes out into the world, it doesn’t even seem like it is my story anymore.

ItB: What do you hope that people will get out of your stories?

Kate: Comfort. Hope. Solace. Laughter. Light.

Book Giveaway

Edward Tulane and The Tale of Despereaux

For January, we’re giving away two books by Kate DiCamillo. It’s very easy for you to win — all you have to do is at least one of the entries below in the Rafflecopter widget. The more you fill out, the more entries you get to win! In January, we’re going to be giving away two of Kate DiCamillo’s classics: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and The Tale of Despereaux. You can enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget!

We’ll be announcing the giveaway winners on January 26th. You can subscribe to new posts in the comments section to be informed when we post the winner.

Check it Out!

Books that you should read...because they're great!

Christina Katerina and the Box

Patricia Lee Gauch

Rating: 4/5 stars

Grade Level: Kind. +

Christina Katerina is a girl with an active imagination and a talent for finding uses for odd things. One day, the neighbors get a new refrigerator, and Christina gets to have the box. Turns out, there are a lot of things you can do with an old cardboard box and a little creativity!

What do you do with an idea?

Kobi Yamada

Rating: 4/5 stars

Grade Level: 1st grade +

A little boy has an idea. As he grows up, his idea grows with him. At first, he tries to hide his idea from other people. But the older he gets, the more his idea grows, and the harder it is to keep it a secret. One day, the idea takes flight. In the end, the boy realizes that the best thing to do with an idea is to share it with other people. It encourages kids to think big, because they never know- their ideas may someday change the world.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of Just Getting Into the Book. Be sure to check back in February for more great content! You can see all issues of Just Getting Into the Book at this link.

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  1. Katrina

    Kate DiCamillo has some of the most amazing and engaging stories – what a wonderful giveaway!

  2. Athelas Hale

    Of her books, I’ve only read “A Tale of Desperaux”, and that several years ago. Somehow, though I enjoyed the book, it was the opening that really stuck in my mind: “The world is dark, and light is precious. Come closer, dear reader. You must trust me. I am telling you a story.”

  3. khange

    Love those books…Kate is a great author. Perfect blend of stories that caputre your attention and new words that expand your vocabulary and thoughts that enlarge your views. Great pics for read-alouds…especially the older children who feel that they have moved past “story time:! 🙂

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