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First off, let me start by saying that I don’t know why this is considered a Christian book… I’m not saying that the plot was not well-formed, or that it wasn’t well written, I’m only saying that there is a very low amount of Christian idea’s within the pages of this book, which is almost disappointing coming from a “Christian” author.

On the way home from a counseling session, Shauna McAllister and her brother Rudy are involved in a serious car accident that left Shauna in a coma and Rudy with serious injuries and brain damage. After several weeks, Shauna awoke from her coma, and found that she could neither recall the accident or the 6 months before it. For the recovery process, Rudy was taken to his father and step-mothers house, and Shauna was left in a separate home on her father’s estate. In the mean time, Shauna’s Dad had his own ambitions- to be president of the United States of America. However, instead of helping her, he pushes her away, caring only about his life. Her harsh step mother also showed her no compassion, and blamed her brother’s condition on her ‘carelessness’.

As Shauna attempts to remember the last 6 months of her life, she realizes that she is the victim of a dangerous plot, and is never sure who she is to trust. Shauna desperately tries to fit the puzzle together and is faced with the terrible fact that whenever a human ‘opens their mind to her’, and she makes physical contact with them (such as kissing etc.), she ‘steals’ their memory of whatever they were thinking about. She then embarks on dangerous outings to find out the cause of her accident, and who is, and is not to trust.

“Kiss” was a very well written thriller, and is a very captivating story. However, it is harder to rate this book on the premise of knowing is was written by a ‘Christian’ author. I would have probably given this book many stars if it were a non-Christian book (because it was well written, captivating, and clean), but it bothers me that Ted Dekker tags himself as being a Christian, and then writes books that have little to no trace of Christianity in them. I enjoyed reading this gripping novel, but if I hadn’t had been familiar with Ted Dekker as being a Christian, I would have guessed this was a non-Christian book.

I’m uncomfortable with giving this book a rating, so I would encourage you to get other Christian author’s opinions on Ted Dekker’s novel, “Kiss”.

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  1. Uriah W.

    Hey Whitney,
    Great review and I appreciate your discernment. It’s sad when ‘Christian’ authors don’t even represent Jesus and the Cross in their writing.


  2. Anonymous

    I agree. As I said in my review, this book was very well written. However, it is disappointing when a “Christian” book contains little Christianity. I’m going to try to read Dekker’s older novels, as I have heard they have more of a Christian representation. Over all, I think Dekker needs to rethink his style of writing. You see, when a book is tagged “Christian” or “religious”, whoever is reading that book will most likely get an idea of what that religion is all about… Therefore, Dekker is walking on very thin ice when he doesn’t correctly represent Christianity in his books. I believe that he very well may be giving people a wrong impression of Christianity without even knowing it… This, when you think about it, is a very dangerous thing… Also, why is it labeled “Christian”? Many, MANY NON-CHRISTIAN authors throw in a little religion to “spice things up a bit”! What makes this book any different???

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