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I have about ten books still on my reading list, but I read this one before all of them because I was eager to hear Brother Andrew’s account of the church in the Middle East. I wasn’t disappointed, this book recounts what Brother Andrew did after the U.S.S.R. collapsed. He draws attention to the enormous need present in Palestine, and the Middle East.

At the very beginning of the book, Brother Andrew emphasizes his philosophy in the Middle East; by strengthening the small national church that remains, they, the ‘Light Force’ (Brother Andrew’s term for the national church) can be more effective in the Middle East then we as westerners could be by going there.

The first third of the book focuses on Lebanon and the situation that occurred and is occurring there. He writes about the many churches that have closed. He says that his presence was the simplest encouragement for the believers there. They feel forgotten and shunned by the international body of Christians.

The next two parts of the book relate specific experiences in Palestine and Israel. Between the two intifadas Brother Andrew gives an amazing account that pictures both sides of the conflict. He carries a tome of stories, requests, and challenges to those of us in the Western world.

But Andrew himself also challenges us to help the Middle Eastern church: to provide resources so that the national church can itself be reaching out; so that the gap between Palestinians and Israelis might close, and he challenges us to pray. I personally, decided to pray for Palestine and Israel and the church there daily, and I encourage you to do the same.

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  1. Josiah Springfield

    Very interesting, I would probably read it, but I have a lot on my list. Unfortunately though, most of them have been reviewed. Anyways, how you wrote the review was very good, (it convinced me to want to read it) and I hope you keep on finding wonderful new books to review.

  2. Uriah W.

    Yes, I highly recommend the book to both of you. Definitely an inspiring read…you won’t be able to sit still after reading it!

    In Him,

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