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The subtitle of this book is “Discovering a Passion that Changes You and the World.” And that definitely sums up the message of this book! If you are looking for a purpose for your life and something to live passionately about, then this book is for you!

Some of the topics that the book highlights include the difference between interests and passion, God giving us a passion even in our weaknesses, speaking out about our passions, sacrificing for our passions, looking foolish for our passions, changing others through our passions, being respected for our passions, using our influence to make a difference, greatness coming from unlikely sources, passion displayed through art, investing our passion in people and communities, and being completely sold out for Christ! There is a way for everyone to find their passion!

You can definitely tell that Zach likes a good story, because this book is filled with the stories of people who were (or are) passionate about what they did, and how they used their passion to help others. He also stresses the importance of using our passion for the good of others, instead of using it to harm others or for our own pleasure. Some of the stories include those of Amy Carmichael, George Whitefield, Don Quixote, B.B. King, Billy Mills, Paul Newman, the town of Leipzig, Jehanne, Akiane Kramarik, Maya Angelou, Shane Claiborne, Millard Fuller, Clarence Jordan, and Keith Green. There are also examples of those who used their passion for their own pleasure and lust for power.

If you have never heard of Zach Hunter, I encourage you to look him up. He encourages us, as Christians, to seek the things that God cares about, and to seek His purpose for our lives. We are meant to be passionate about making this world a better place and glorifying God through our passion! Zach has a wonderful way of not just making a list of rules, nor is there a step-by-step process to find our passion. But he does show us the purpose of passion and how we can use that passion to change our world. This is definitely one of my new favorite books!

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  1. Uriah W.

    Wow Jessica! Amazing review, you definitely made me want to read the book. I’ve heard a lot about Zach Hunter, isn’t he the Rebelutionary who wrote “Generation Change”?

    Thanks a lot for sharing this review with us and I hope that I can get my hands on this book in the future to read.

  2. Jessica Woode

    Thanks, Uriah! Yes, that’s him! He is a modern day abolitionist and activist, and his other books include “Generation Change” and “Be the Change.” You can also check out his website at It’s pretty amazing to see what God has been able to do through him!

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