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We’re huge readers here at ItB and resolutions are a great way to step up your reading in 2016. We’re modeling our first reading challenge this year off of Tim Challies’ reading challenge, with an ItB spin of course. You can check out his reading plan here — it looks like a good one. More info on ItB’s challenge is below:

While I read at a “normal” pace last year, this year I’m hoping to graduate to “Fast,” so here’s hoping for good success in that regard! The way the challenge works is simple: just set your pace (1 book ever 4,2, or 1.5 weeks), and check off the different books on the checklist. The idea is to get a broad variety of books under your belt and sample some genres that you wouldn’t otherwise pick up.

How to Win:

Some great ways to get books: Visit your local library. Borrow books from friends. Or, check out Half Price Books for great books at low prices (we don’t get anything when you click the link, we just love Half Price Books!)
How to find time to read: Set aside a chunk every day that works in your schedule. For me, it’s each night before bed. Even a half hour a day will keep you moving forward steadily, and you’ll still find yourself glued to a book for hours when you get to a riveting spot!

The “Normal” Reader

13 books total: 1 book every 4 weeks
— A book you found here on Into the Book
— A book by a well-known author
— A book by a little-known author
— A book that looks interesting despite a bad cover
— A book from the Rabbit Room
— A book on writing

My personal favorites are Annie Dillard and Sol Stein
— A historical fiction novel
— A book by C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien

Narnia and LotR don’t count if you’ve read them already
— A book on culture
— A biography
— A self-published book
— A book of poems
— A novel you had to read in school and haven’t reread since

The “Fast” Reader

26 books total: 1 book every 2 weeks
— A science fiction novel
One of my favorites is Orson Scott Card
— A book on the English language
— A book about family
— A novel by a foreign author

You can’t go wrong with Dostoevsky
— A book someone recommended to you
— A commentary on a book of the Bible

David Platt’s Christ-Centered Exposition series is excellent
— A book you once started but never finished
— A book about productivity

I’d really like to get to Tim Challies’ Do More Better, personally
— A comic book or a graphic novel
— A novel by Charles Dickens
— A photo essay book
— A novel written in the 20th century
— A play by William Shakespeare

My personal favorites are King Lear and Much Ado About Nothing

The “Insane” Reader

39 books total: 1 book every 1.5 weeks
— A book by Jane Austen
— A children’s book

ItB favorites include Gary Schmidt and Kate DeCamillo
— A mystery novel
— A book about a recent historical event
— A book about theology
— A book you own but have never read
— A book about a foreign language

Triple bonus points: a book IN a foreign language
— A novel set in ancient or Bible times
Quo Vadis, perhaps?
— A book by or about a martyr
— A novel you have read before and loved
— A book published in 2016
— A little-known first novel written by a classic author
— A book about the Reformation

Pick your pace, and stick to it! Comment here for motivation — we’ll be doing some follow-ups every few months to see how everyone is doing. See you in 2017, many books further along than you were today!


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