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Pink Dawn

Another recent poem of mine. I wrote this in English class (instead of doing work), but it turned out surprisingly well.

The sky is wearing rose-tinted
The sun hasn’t yet risen, and it plays
Teasing the dark with tiny shoots of pink
Scattered among the purple shadows
Daytime is coming, they whisper,
But it’s not here yet.

The snow is pink and shimmering
Taunting the shadows that pool
in a deep dark under the trees,
and nothing is moving, but
Everything is, because daylight is coming
But it’s not here yet.

The shadows are losing and they know it,
They know it every day, but
The sun inches up and the light is coming,
A little further, a little closer,
And the shadows go pale in the light
But it’s not here yet.

Here! is the sun and bright light with it
The shadows are gone and scattered
But the snow isn’t pink and there are
No roses in the sky anymore.
Light killed the dark and in between
And day is here and dawn is gone.

Andrew Joyce

(Photo Credit Andy Rogers)