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I am not an avid sports fan – any of my family and friends can attest to that. That being said, I still found this book extremely interesting to read. In a day and age where we have no faith in our heroes, due to scandals, drugs, and messed-up lives, Albert Pujols shines out like a light in the darkness. This book is an amazing read and I highly recommend it.

His story is the traditional up-from-nothing fairy tale that many kids can only dream of. He originally came from the Dominican Republic, and was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals as the 402nd pick in 1999. He then entered the Major Leagues after only one year of minor-league playing. Soon, Pujols made a big splash in the game.

Consistently, Pujols has played the game with standout stats. He is the only player for ten years consistently to have posted over 100 RBIs, a .300+ batting average, and over 30 home runs. Now, I’m not much for stats, but that seems pretty standout to me. He’s set half a dozen records and will doubtless be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame to stand beside Stan Musial, the most famous Cardinal in history. But he’s not only an amazing baseball player.

Where Pujols really stands out is in how he lives his life. He was not affected by the Marshall report because he took no performance-enhancing drugs. Pujol’s life is a bright light in the middle of the baseball world: a man who loves his Lord and has devoted his life to Him.  The creation of organizations such as the Pujols family foundation show his heart to help the people of this world, particularly those of the Dominican Republic, and those with Down syndrome.

Reading this book was a great experience. Lamb and Ellsworth tell us the story of Pujol’s life. Period. These are all facts that can be backed up from other sources, and the picture they collectively create is very clear. The book is organized into three parts, each detailing a major stage in Pujol’s life. I highly recommend that you read this excellent biography of this amazing man’s life – you won’t regret it.
Note: This book was provided to us for free through Booksneeze. They provide free copies of books for us to review and we are very grateful for their service.

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  1. Dmarie

    congrats on being named a Blog of Note! I too love reading books outside my normal interests. broadens the horizons, so to speak!

  2. Kaitlyn E.

    This man is amazing. He really works in the community. You here about Albert doing all kinds of stuff. Every time we see an interview (we don’t watch T.V., but my grandparents do) he always has strong family values and is outspoken about his faith.

    Kaitlyn, on behalf of ITB

  3. Andrew J.

    This book is a great modern-day biography. Thank you!

    You’re welcome; hoped you enjoyed it.

    @Kaitlyn: I forgot you lived in Missouri – you really have a window in to what he really does. =) Thanks for chiming in!

    In Christ,

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