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The Raider’s Promise is the fifth and final book in the Viking Quest series. A satisfying conclusion is in store for all those readers who have followed the story of Mikkel, Bree, and Devin.

During Bree’s 5 long years of captivity and servitude to Mikkel, the Viking raider, Briana has longed to return to her family and piece together her previous life. The raider has promised to return her home, but will he keep his promise after all these years? She hopes against hope to return to the young man who swore his love to her so many years ago, and longs for the warmth of family and friends. But the years have changed Bree. She begins to feel her heart torn between her old life, and her new, as she find excitement and purpose in Mikkel’s world as he continues to discover new and unexplored lands. Bree finds that after so many years of wanting what she could not have, home may not be what she thought she was missing for so long.

Mikkel’s newfound Christian faith has changed him even more than Briana’s age altered her. As Christ transforms his prideful heart, he learns to forgive, admit wrong, and truly care for others. Mikkel has finally learned the lesson of what it takes to be a true leader. That his greatest strength is in his humility. But while his faith eases the pride and pain carried around for so many years, it also begins to complicate things for him. Mikkel knows he must prove to Bree and Devin that he has the strength to do the right thing, but wonders if there is hope of forgiveness from their family. And Mikkel still has a deep, dark secret hidden in the shadows from his raid on Ireland. Will his new faith in Christ give him the courage to keep his promise, even if it implies his death?

Devin has finally given up his hate and embraces Mikkel as his friend. Yet now he faces new struggles with the Viking prince, struggles he was not prepared to deal with. Recognizing Mikkel’s feelings for his sister Bree have changed, Devin must ask his newfound friend to make the biggest sacrifice of all as they return from their voyaging. He asks him to give Bree up, returning her to the arms he so cruelly tore her from. Can Devin believe that Mikkel will make to make the biggest sacrifice of his life? And will he stifle that nagging feeling that Bree’s future may not be in Ireland? This book supplies readers with a satisfying finish, showing that the right path, even when difficult, is always the most fulfilling. Even though that path may twist and turn in unexpected ways, God knows what is best for you.

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  1. Kaitlyn E.

    *chuckles * That would be best, Aubrey. You’ll get more out of the book if you read the other ones first.

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