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If we thought E.D.E.N Southworth couldn’t top Ishmael, we were wrong. Talk about melodrama! True love, false love, no love at all; fortunes, shipwrecks, a castle in Scotland, murder, kidnapping, vile plots, so on and so forth. And yet through it all Ishmael remains exemplary in every way. The sequel is equally captivating, and contains even more mystery and twists that its predecessor.

In this story Ishmael’s unfolding discovery about the difference between childish infatuation and true love is complete. The vivid images and descriptions given are so poignant and well portrayed that you feel your own heart aching right along Ishmael.

More betrayals resurface, forcing our heroes and heroines to deal with what life throws at them. Yet Ishmael continues to stand, resolute and unwavering, in his commitment to those he loves. Always thinking about the needs of those around him, Ishmael must wrestle with death, villainous men, slander, and matters of the heart. But even when his heart is the one in need of mending, Ishmael continues to be the rock that supports the rest of the characters in E.D.E.N. Southworth’s brilliant tale. While the book gives a satisfying conclusion and wraps up all the lingering questions we still have, you will not be satisfied that Emma Southworth hadn’t written just a little bit more.

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  1. Kaitlyn E.

    Yeah, it is a rarity. And I’m a tough critique when it comes to sequels. I’m always very attached to the first books. 😀 But Self Raised was one of the rule breakers.

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