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Who says early-morning writing can’t pay off, occasionally. Thunderstorms are my favorite, and when I woke up in the dark with lightning flashes, this poem just poured off the pen. Enjoy!

Rain beats fierce upon the glass
Behind the gleams of candlelight.
Lightning leaps o’er rumbling cracks,
And makes thin trees of blinding white.
Slinking demons roam the skies,
Enforcing darkness in the night.
These bolts of fire are their cries,
The candle flickers in my fright.

Darkness clings to gloomy glow:
Dense and darkened eb’ny spun.
The sky looks down on all below
The reign of night begun.
By armies strong he stands the king
Bows to none except that one,
Whose radiant rays are first to bring
The burning, brilliant light of sun

I was once lost, in darkness hid,
And wandered through the rains.
Oh Lord, to be of darkness rid,
Restored to light again.

My savior comes to carry me,
Back to a home beyond these clouds.
Where then at last I’ll finally see,
My God who’s torn the demon shrouds.

If you’re a nerd like me, the rhyming scheme is as follows: ABAB CBCB DEDE FEFE GHGH IJIJ. Not sure on the meter, but it’s roughly 6-8 syllables per line with two-syllable feet.

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    • Andrew Joyce

      Glad you enjoyed it! I wanted to focus on the experience of it as a whole, not just “Hey there was a thunderstorm” and “by the way I’m thinking about Jesus” 😉

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