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Lloyd C. Douglas is a very talented writer, and his book “The Big Fisherman” is a gripping read telling a story (mostly fictional) about Peter, the Big Fisherman and apostle of Jesus. Throughout the story, Davies weaves in several extra elements in the story, including a revenge mission and an Arab-Jewish conflict.

The book has a potentially questionable blend of truth and fiction, and it’s always why I tend to dislike this ‘biblical fiction’ genre. Peter Davies’ book, however, does a good job at keeping to what the Bible explains about Jesus and Peter and the time surrounding them.

The only two areas where he passes the Bible and adds significant extra details are two areas: John the Baptist, and Jesus’ Childhood. John the Baptist, in this book, never meets Christ and seems disappointed when one of the characters tells him He is not a conqueror as John was expecting. Jesus sends chastising words to John about this. Jesus’ childhood is another area where the author speculates, and paints a picture of a withdrawn lad who was exceptionally wide. The extra details and specific incidents he adds, however, make this part of the book smell a little like the Apocrypha.

So I recommend reading this book with a grain of salt, or more accurately, with the Word of God by your side. Check all things with the Bible and by no means, if the Bible doesn’t say something that this book does, don’t assume that it is truth!

The plot of the book is really well-done, however. It tells a story of Peter, and though the first fifth of the book is busy introducing the many sub-plots, the later parts of the book focus significantly on him. I really like the weaving between characters and themes that goes on in this book, as with all books, this is the sign of a well-written plot.

All in all, though written a long time ago, The Big Fisherman is a gripping read that will leave you glued to its pages! Read it, but beware, it will be hard to put down later.

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  1. Uriah W.

    Hey Anonymous,
    If you’ll notice in the post, I’d changed all the references of Peter Davies to Lloyd C. Douglas. I caught that right as I published it but time limitations prevented me from correcting it until the next morning.

    Thanks for pointing it out, however, and don’t worry, my ‘bubble’ is pretty resistant (it didn’t burst)

    In Him,

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