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‘The Blood of the Moon’, by George Grant, is a very interesting book. It documents the historic struggle between Arabs and Israelis (Isaac and Ishmael) and some of the root reasons of that problem.

Firstly, Mr. Grant analyzes why conflict between Jews/Christians and Arabs, is inevitable. Through several passages of the Koran and insight on the history and creation of Islam, the author concludes that even though many muslims don’t believe it, destroying the infidels is a crucial point of Islam, one of the first which Muhammad stressed. Therefore, he says, peace will never be evident unless Islam can be defeated.

Throughout the book I like how the author does not play favorites. Though he very clearly tells us that the muslim philosophy is wrong, he also points out problems of christian nations such as the United States in dealing with the middle east. He is very clear in saying that our problem is not religion; our problem is The Fall. It was refreshing not to read another book saying Christians are right and Muslims are wrong, but instead, all are sinful, but the Muslims are also lost.

The author gives us several insights into the Middle East historically, and tells us of the ancient kingdoms of Babylon, Assyria, Persia, and Afghanistan, and how each controlled the Middle East for a time. He summarizes the terrorist attacks and the attempts of powerful nations to control the area: France, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States.

He concludes, by the end of the book, the solution to the Middle Eastern problem. Everyone needs Jesus. The Muslims need Jesus, the Jews need Jesus, and sometimes even the ‘Christians’ need Jesus. Without Him, none of the problems in the Middle East will be able to be solved by mere human efforts. He finishes the book with a call to evangelize and to reach the Muslims with the Gospel.

I was very impressed with this book, and I especially liked how much scripture was in it. Though he used the Koran a couple of times to validate Muslim beliefs, everything he wrote was literally bathed in Scripture with a reference at least every paragraph! All in all, the book was a very good read, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the Middle East and its historic conflict.

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