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A young, fit boy by the name of Will and his travelling companion Evalyn are held captive on a warship called the Wolfwind. When storms delay their passage into Skandia, where they are to be sold as slaves, the ship seeks refuge in a small bay on an island while waiting for the storms to pass.

While all this is happening, Will’s senior ranger trainer Halt sets off on a voyage to find Will with his friend from the battle school, Horace. The travelling duo embark on a quest to find Will and Evalyn, and are continually challenged by roadside warriors, who are, simply put, a nuisance to the two travelers.

Nevertheless, Horace defeats or scares away all of them until they are able to reach an inn in a small village. While they are there, misfortune comes upon them and they are taken captive to an evil warlord’s castle.
Meanwhile, the storms have passed on the small island and the warship sets out once again for Skandia, the original destination. They are sold as slaves, and find that under the hard labors, many of the slaves don’t survive. Under these harsh conditions, Evalyn tries desperately to find a way to escape. But will they find a way out before it is too late, or will it be up to Halt and Horace to find a way out?

John Flanagan is an amazing fiction author and has incredible abilities to create a great plot. No two ways about it, in my opinion, Flanagan has skill. He does a good mix of fantasy and realistic fiction that makes it seem like it could almost be true. He provides vivid explanations of every character and what is going on. I appreciate the wonderful books that are a result of this.

As I said before, the book is very well written, and it is an amazingly interesting plot. As it is, I’d definitely recommend it. But as always, be cautious and wary at the flip of every page. Every person is different, and this is just my opinion.

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  1. Caleb Joyce

    I wouldn’t know; I’ve never read any of the Arthurian legends. (I know, I should…) It’s not so much of a continuous quest as LotR is.

  2. Slightly Opinionated Nerd

    Ranger’s Apprentice is a fantastic series of books; I’ve read the all ten of them and wholeheartedly look forward to the last one, due to come out in November this year. I especially enjoy the witty interaction between the characters, which has become a bit of a model for me in my stories.
    I haven’t read ‘The Icebound Land’ in a while, but as far as I can recall, this book in particular has a very powerful anti-drugs message.
    I cannot recommend these books highly enough! They’re great, fun reads.
    Thanks for the review. 🙂

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