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“The greatest measuring rod of love in the life of a Christian may be forgiveness, because God showed His love to us in terms of forgiveness.” – John MacArthur. What is forgiveness? What does it mean to us in our world, and how does it affect us and those who surround us as we move about on this earth? How can we be forgiven? What must we do to be forgiven? How do we forgive others?

All of these questions are ones that we each must face and answer at one point in our life. They are of crucial significance, for we are all as human beings in need of forgiveness. All have sinned. All have hurt others, and defied God. We all need to be forgiven—but how?

John MacArthur seeks to answer that in this small book The Truth About Forgiveness. In the first few chapters, the book seeks to carefully build the case for forgiveness: our need of it, the only One who can give it, and that it cannot be earned on our part. With his usual, simple but informative and enlightening style, John MacArthur, in few pages brings us face to face with the beautiful and awe-inspiring reality of God’s forgiveness of sinners and how to follow Christ’s example, we must as well forgive.

This was the last of the three books in the Truth About Series that I acquired, but to me, it was by far the best. The other books were enough to bring the reader to face the reality of Christ’s lordship over all things, and the blessed truth of His marvelous grace—but this one brings us to worship and stand in awe of the wonder of God’s forgiveness to undeserving sinners.

Drawing from events in Jesus’ ministry, His healing of a paraplegic and the parable of the prodigal son, the words of Jesus on the subject of forgiveness hit home hard, and draw you closer to this most blessed teaching of Christ’s ministry: that God forgives those who have despised Him, and does so freely, out of no merit on their part, but out of grace.

In reading the other books in the series, my mind was provoked, worship and gratefulness were aroused, but in reading this book, I was incredibly moved. While this book is simple, it is on a subject that I have heard about, read about and studied before—I was moved afresh by the reality of God’s forgiveness, and the magnitude of it. It was like a drink of water, a breath of fresh air, and something that has made the book an instant favorite with me. Resembling in some ways MacArthur’s other work A Tale of Two Sons, if you want a look at Jesus’s teachings on forgiveness, in a fresh light, or maybe in a way you wish to revisit, then this is the book to get. For new Christians, this is a must-read. Indeed, for any Christian, this is a must read. It’s short, and straight to the point, but it will not leave you feeling empty and wanting, but filled with joy and gratitude, seeking to worship the Savior more.

I received this book free from in exchange for my honest review.

Michael Wright

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  1. Corey P.

    Awesome review, Mike. I haven’t read any of the books in this series, but it sounds like something I should check out. 🙂

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