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What is grace? This is one of the most notoriously difficult things to define in utterly exact terms in Christianity. Throughout the years textbooks of all sorts have struggled to give a concise definition of what this word means, and as the core truth of the Christian faith, this is probably the most important word for us to define. That is why this important little book by John MacArthur in The Truth About Series starts off on that very note: defining grace.

As is usual with a MacArthur title, this book does not merely seek to define what grace is, but to follow it through in all of it’s in and outs. In this small volume he deals with the recipients of grace, and how it is shown to work in the lives of the redeemed, bringing them to God. Just as important, he also goes through and explains how grace can be misunderstood and twisted out of its context, which again hearkened back to some of MacArthur’s landmark teachings on the strictness of true conversion, false teachers and holiness. From there the book moves on for us to dwell on and realize the grace that has been given to us and how to live out this same grace.

Again, a wonderful MacArthur title — while some have been disappointed by the simplicity of these volumes, this is actually what has attracted me to them. While I certainly enjoy MacArthur’s deeper works, his writings have been a tremendous blessing to me and have continued to enrich as I think on them later, these are perhaps a little much for someone new to the faith or those new to the study of theology. As I am always on the lookout for titles to recommend to new Christians, these have particularly caught my attention for the very reason of their simple nature without compromising the depth of the subject. While, The Truth About Grace is by no means exhaustive, it is not overly simple either—and that seems to be the point of it, and that is not a bad thing.

But at the same time, how much depth do we need to understand the basics of grace, and praise God for it? We can always go deeper in the study of such subjects, and we can probably never come to an end of a study on such a lofty topic as grace so I must ask: need we look only here? Some have been disappointed with this title, for it is basic and small, but how much do we need to know to know that God is worthy of honor, glory and worship because of His grace? That, this book covers very well, even in its few pages and simple words.

So, as someone who admires MacArthur’s writing and ministry, easily counting him as an influence, I would say this is a good book — but as a Christian who has been so graced with grace, I must say that this book is fantastic. To dwell on the subject of grace is a marvelous thing — it is a worshipful thing, and it will cause you to praise God for His love and amazing grace. I can say this one is highly recommended from me.

I received this book free from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review.

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