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Sharpies! Everyone loves Sharpies. I mistakenly thought that they were only available in America until I saw a whole stand of them in my local mall once. So of course, I had to see what they were like! In all honesty, Sharpies are merely the adult version of kids’ permanent markers (with that trademark permanent ink smell that I’m sure you could get high on if you used them in confined spaces). Of their many kinds, today I am reviewing the bronze metallic Sharpie.


I’ve always had an eye for shiny, so right away I love the metallic sheen that comes with this pen. It’s great for adding accents to art, or for writing cheery post-it notes. It writes smoothly, and the ink flows well. As it is a permanent marker, it works on most paper-related surfaces (I just tried writing on the side of a glass on my desk, no go). One of my favourite uses for this pen is to use it in conjunction with other pens to make the words really pop off the page.

As much as I’d love to give this Sharpie the full hundred percent, it sadly does have a few flaws. The ink really doesn’t last that long, and once it starts to peter out, the metallic effect gets patchy and watered down. This watery effect is annoying, because it bleeds out of the edge of where you mark, creating a wet halo kind of effect. It’s also very strong, so if you use it on paper that is a fraction too thin, you’ll get some bleed.



If you’re looking for a metallic pen that is high quality and suited to detailed art, you’ll probably be best off looking somewhere else. But if you’re happy with some cheap fun, and a decent effect, this Sharpie will serve you well.



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