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Two Renegade Realms is the continuation of Donita K. Paul’s Realm Walkers series. After a good launch with One Realm Beyond, Paul is back to continue the story of Cantor, Bridger, and Bixby. The stakes are higher than before, as these last of the true realm walkers must not only battle the wayward Realm Walker’s Guild, but also stop the attack of the Lymen from two rogue planes. Throughout, we get a longer look at Paul’s characters, wrapped up in an excellent story.

This book is great series fodder. The story is engaging and pushes the characters ahead, but leaves the conflict with the Realm Walker’s Guild on the back burner. This makes for a great book about Cantor and Bixby, but not one that really pushes the last book’s plot forward. As far as the overarching series, these are two separate books. That said, Two Renegade Realms has an interesting storyline and we get to see more of the characters, which Paul continues to polish.

Two rogue realms (the realms of this world are a series of wide, flat, planes that orbit a central star) are scheduled to collide with the rest of the realms when the story opens. Cantor D’ahma, realm walker, and Bridger, his dragon constant, are on the move to save their realm from a deadly invasion. The last time Lyme Major and Lyme Minor passed through the other realms, the Lymen of those planes staged a terrible invasion that caused great damage. In his search to stop the rogue planes, Cantor meets up with Bixby and Dukmee, his companions from the previous book. Along the way, many more unlikely allies will help them in the defense of their world.

Paul continues to work slowly at building up her characters as solid and believable people. She develops relationships slowly, over the course of both books, and the end result are relationships that don’t feel rushed, but genuine and solid. Dialogue is sharp and sticks in your head, avoiding plot exposition and other common writing sins. Like last time, the characters really push the novel forward, and they’re what kept me reading. The plot plays the perfect role of developing the characters while still being an interesting story in its own right.

Overall, Two Renegade Realms is a fun addition to Donita K. Paul’s Realm Walker’s series that hits a home run on character development, wrapped up in a pretty good book and story.


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