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The sixth book in the Zion Covenant series, Warsaw Requiem by Bodie Thoene wraps up the drama and characters introduced in book five. It weaves together even further all of the stories from Danzig Passage and introduces new and unexpected twists to the story.

The story tells of Captain Samuel Orde, the British captain who had kept Jewish defense alive in Israel. Fired and disgraced by the British army, Samuel Orde moves to Danzig where he becomes a newspaper correspondent, and finds himself involved in helping children flee the coming war from Poland.

The Danzig gang, consisting of the five children introduced in Danzig Passage is preparing to leave on the last refugee ship from Danzig. And when Jacob is denied his visa to England, Lori promises never to leave him, but is convinced otherwise.

Meanwhile, in England, the Irish Republican Army, instigated by Hitler, has begun a series of bombings in London, making people doubt whether it’s really even safe there as well. But from London Elisa and Murphy continue to do all that they can to help those in Poland.

Finally, their last effort concentrates on a prayer service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Winston Churchill himself was to come to the meeting. The cathedral also happens to be where the IRA is planning to make their last, and most devastating move. The entire book comes down to the wire as the plan seems that it will succeed.

All in all, Warsaw Requiem is probably the most cliff-hanging book I’ve ever read, and leaves you in suspense during the final three or four chapters. Bodie Thoene is a very talented writer, and this book is certainly no exception. And the book is action packed with five hundred pages of plot. It is a fitting finale to the Zion Covenant.

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  1. Uriah W.

    It’s a very good series…I recommend that you do. Actually, the author wrote two series’ with the same characters: The Zion Chronicles and The Zion Covenant.

    This one is from the Zion Covenant, and I think I like that series better than the other. Anyways, I hope you like the book if you read it.

    In Him,

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve read all of the books up to and I am now reading Danzig Passage. What a history lesson for me. The discription of some of the darkest days in the history of Earth (Nazism) is sickening. It can happen again, too.

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