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What Lies in the Dark by Bethany Faith is her first novel. More of a novella at 40,000 words, the story is a short but very fun read. I loved every minute of the time I spent flipping pages in this fast-paced gripping story.
The story is that of three unlikely teen-agers who one day find themselves thrown into a quest, and make startling discoveries and realize a stunning truth. Through conflicts, loss, betrayal, sacrifice, and perseverance, the group finally reaches their goal.
The three main characters, Emuna, Brian, and Gavin travel a road that not only pushes them physically, but also improves their character and teaches them valuable lessons. Watch these characters come to life before your very eyes in an exciting tale you will not be able to put down.

My favorite thing about What Lies in the Dark is the plotline. Bethany’s story is very original and well-structured. Another thing I really enjoyed about it is some of the beautiful imagery of truths found in the Bible. I don’t know whether Bethany intended to have such neat allegory, but I did see some connections. For example, there is a part where one of the characters gives his life so that the others may live. This is a wonderful picture of how Jesus, the Son of God came to pay for the sins of his chosen. Another part is when Emuna simply waits for Brian to return, after others had given him up for dead. She is alert, through any weather or anything else that might turn someone else away. She will not turn away, she stays faithful. This shows how we should wait expectantly and eagerly for Christ’s return.
I think the book could have stood to go through one more draft. I found a couple of simple errors, but they were small ones such as an ‘ed’ instead of an ‘es’. While they weren’t too common, they were a tad distracting when I came across them. But like I said, they were few and far between so I barely noticed. Also, the font chosen makes it hard to read at times, but other than that the book was well done. Especially the cover art. Bethany was lucky to get such a talented artist to work with her and come up with such and amazing design.
Overall, I would recommend this book to a friend in a heartbeat. The book is available for purchase on Amazon. You won’t regret picking it up.

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