A blog is an autobiography written as you're reading it.

White Noise

One of my New Year’s goals has been to build my concentration and self control. This poem’s a first step into 2016.

8:00AM, at my desk and ready to get work done.
47 unread emails; Insiders sell conversions on Twitter: bolster LinkedIn portfolios.
Four gadgets that could make life more convenient,
And you can optimize ROI in three easy steps on your website.
Number 3 moved me to tears, and 5 ways to know if Emma Watson is your spirit animal

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How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do. Thought-provoking article.
Hot girls in your {AREA} Hot girls in your {AREA} want to talk to you.
Truly wireless earbuds are finally optimized for iOS25. Update available.
Click here if you forgot your password to 1/81. The Verge. Email Confirmation.

[ A D V E R T I S E M E N T ]

15 friends liked your status, Facebook insights can buy eyeballs and audiences.
Optimization for keywords in online learning videos leverages new technology
Synergies and solutions provide seed-level funding for six San Francisco startups.
4 must-follow Twitter accounts and MaKE FREE INC0ME $72 an HORU siting in LIvng R00m!!1!
25 subscriptions to follow. Quarter-life crisis pivots crowdfunding. Behind on 2 fitness goals.
72 unread emails in Outlook.com. 630 sent emails on gMail. Wunderlist 6 tasks overdue.

Your account has been inactive and you will be automatically logged out. BuzzFeed Video.
2 tasks overdue. Three life hacks to win at every job. Upworthy. Industry shifts you should know about.
How to be productive. Productivity tips. Distraction tips. Everything that mattered.
A Happiness Experiment: Can You Make Every Day Feel Like Saturday?
Snapchat acquired for 72 billion dollars by Disney, leveraging internet portfolio.
Check everything, rinse, repeat. β€œYou won’t believe what happens next!”

Shut down.
Walk to the window, clear my head of the information I drown in.

I often find that I consume far more information than I’m even aware of. Adding another piece of noise to your newsfeed may not help the problem, but I’ve found that stopping and even thinking about how much information we catalog in a day is helpful. It’s caused me to act with more intentionality and helped, at least a little, in preserving thought-space for what’s important. I’d encourage you to do the same.