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    2. 2513005

      If you’re passionate about Christian history, and need a reminder of what death and persecution truly means the Christian, you want to read this book. Following a mix of fictional and historical characters — mostly Scottish Covenanters during the killing-time — Ballantyne ably portrays gruesome, heart-rending events while weaving several intense plots into one cohesive, powerful story. Continue reading »

    3. stories-we-tell-cosper-itb-intothebook-into-the-book

      Everyone loves a story, and Mike Cosper is here to argue that stories are built into our psyche. His new book, The Stories We Tell is an attempt to recover the value behind storytelling, rather than just conceding the area to “a trashy modern culture. The Stories we Tell looks at common stories and movies in our culture to show how even secular TV and movies long for and echo the truth. Cosper asks the question, “Can we learn something from our insatiable addiction to stories?” Read on for more.

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    4. No one wants to waste their time on a bad story. No writer wants to write a bad story. But there are plenty of lousy stories out there: stories that aren’t worth five minutes, should never have been shared with the world, or are just filled with worthless garbage. For every single good book you read, seventeen cheap paperbacks get plowed into a landfill and forgotten. We live in a world with plenty of information to go around, and there’s not a lot of space for a new and upcoming writer in the space. So how do books get remembered? Most of all, how will yours be one of the ones that’s remembered? Continue reading »

    5. 5179uNrWkYL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_

      Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga almost didn’t make it onto my bookshelf at all. This, it turns out, would have been a grave mistake. The Monster in the Hollows is the third of four, and it lifts the entire series to new heights. Strong characterization and a plot that reaps the seeds of the two previous books makes for a riveting read that ratchets up the tension in the series as a whole. There are few stories that surpass The Wingfeather Saga. Read on for more.

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    6. I started this poem trying to capture fall, and thinking about how it mirrors spring for a little while before winter begins to come. Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes it seems like I get stuck in the mileage: things are going well, and there are many windows in the world, but the big picture–the explosion of spring–hasn’t fully arrived in the present. In short, it is trying to notice the moments and echoes among the everyday, and remind myself that the daily running counts. Continue reading »

    7. Today I’m incredibly excited to be interviewing Robert Vera. Robert is the author of A Warrior’s Faith (which we’re giving away!) and graciously agreed to answer a few questions. Read on for more: Continue reading »

    8. Every year or so, I worry that I will never write again. These stretches of writer’s block convince me that I’m not any good; that my rhyming and meter is stale; and that I will never finish any of the novels in my head. I worry that to be a “real” writer (whatever that means) I must be writing all the time. Real writers have something good to say. Real writers never leave half-finished drafts lying around. Real writers are more disciplined.

      And with everything in flux and boxes the past few months, the worry is stronger than ever. Real life has pressed in close, and there’s not been much time for poems and stories. I’ve not walked through Narnia in a great long while. I’ve
      spent more time critiquing literature than exploring it. Real life presses in hard.

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    9. Ready for an end-of-summer giveaway? We’re giving away Robert Vera’s A Warrior’s Faith over the next two weeks, and you definitely don’t want to miss this one. A Warrior’s Faith tells the story of Ryan Job, Navy SEAL and American hero, and the impact that his life has had on many around the nation (read our review). It’s an amazing true story and Robert Vera has told it extremely well.

      We’re going to be giving the book away in exactly two weeks. Here’s how you can enter: Continue reading »

    10. Who says early-morning writing can’t pay off, occasionally. Thunderstorms are my favorite, and when I woke up in the dark with lightning flashes, this poem just poured off the pen. Enjoy! Continue reading »


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