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    1. For Paris, and the young woman who lay in the theater for hours waiting for rescue. –Elizabeth
      For the couple screaming at each other in the apartment building last night, and all the grief in the world. –Andrew Continue reading »

    2. This is a new column by Grace Pennington entitled “Eyes of the Storyteller.” Look for new posts every other month!

      Have you ever encountered a “just” guy? I know I’ve encountered several. They just wake up. Just go to work. Just do their jobs. Just come home. Just eat dinner. Just go to bed. They just live their lives, just laughing, just playing, just crying, just hugging, just talking.

      A writer, however, never just does anything. Continue reading »

    3. In case you have been living under a rock, Into the Book is giving away quite possibly the best prize pack in existence: the entire Wingfeather Saga, signed by the author, Andrew Peterson. You can learn more and enter at this link, and I would highly recommend that you do so. Today, we’re interviewing said author with some quick questions about The Wingfeather Saga, as well as Andrew’s song-writing. Read on for more: Continue reading »

    4. the-museum-guard-howard-norman-itb-into-the-book

      The Museum Guard drew me in by accident, just like the woman on the cover is being drawn into the open painting. I picked the book up and read the first sentence, “The painting I stole for Imogen Linny, Jewess on a Street in Amsterdam, arrived to the Glace Museum, here in Halifax, on September 5, 1938.” With that, I was hooked on the book’s matter-of-fact tone and mysterious air, so I read it. Continue reading »

    5. You thought the Lord of the Rings giveaway was as good as it got. You would be wrong. Another month, another giveaway, and today we have the entire Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson, up for grabs to one lucky reader! Not only that, all four books are signed by the author himself. Find out how to enter: Continue reading »

    6. 7-women-metaxas-itb-into-the-book-intothebook-andrew-joyce

      Eric Metaxas has already established himself as an excellent biographer with an attention to detail and writing style that is rarely surpassed today. His best-known works are Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer, two meaty biographies that punch deep into their subject’s lives. Following these monster volumes, Metaxas turned his attention to a smaller, condensed book withbiographies of seven great men, titled Seven Men. Now, he’s back with a repeat performance for women. Continue reading »

    7. With several gaps, we’ve been covering the following idea for the past several weeks: “Good stories must point to truth, whetting the appetites of unbelievers and strengthening Christians: literature is a primer for the gospel.”. First, we looked at Truth-Whispering in our own writing, and then the idea of Living Stories, or echoing real life in writing. Finally, we’re closing out this series with the greatest story of all, and how that informs our look at the classics of literature. Read on for more: Continue reading »

    8. They say a good tradesman doesn’t blame his tools. But it has also been said that such a tradesman is only as good as his tools. Although this in no way implies a writer with a crayon cannot write a good story, it is safe to say that inspiration does flow a sight better with the rolling of a good ballpoint pen, or the scratch of a sharpened pencil. Thus, knowing about such tools and the qualities that add to them being worth their salt makes for a good beginning, and that is exactly what I hope to achieve here. Continue reading »

    9. paul-auster-newyorktrilogy-intothebook-city-of-glass-ghosts-the-locked-room-itb

      Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy has been waiting for a review for a few weeks now. I can confidently say that I’ve never read a more confusing, unresolved book than this one. What’s incredible about Auster’s work, though, is that this doesn’t condemn the book in any way. If you’re a fan of neat and easy storybook endings that are predictable from a million miles away, stay away from The New York Trilogy. If you like great writing that gives you a headache, this is the novel for you.

      Continue reading »


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