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Filling up the Afflictions of Christ

Jeremiah Stiles

What would you be willing to give for the expansion of Christ’s great Kingdom? What would you be willing to endure? John Piper’s Filling up the Afflictions of Christ examines the lives of three Christian […]

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eddy tul two

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Alisha Hange

There are not many authors in this world who write children’s stories about sorrow. It isn’t the sort of thing you would expect. In a world of fairy tales- battles being fought, dragons being defeated, […]

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Auralia’s Colors

Zoe Scrivener

“She looked back toward Abascar’s palace, that point of darkness in the woods, like the pin in the center of the spinning world. She held up the feather, and its color, vivid in contrast, seemed […]

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