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  1. search-for-the-shadow-key-intothebook-into-the-book-itb-wayne-thomas-batson

    Archer Keaton is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary gift: the power to manipulate his dreams. But Archer’s gift comes with a great burden. Archer lives within two worlds: this realm, and the Dream. As a Dreamtreader, he must protect the world from the evil forces that operate within the realm of the Dream. Now, these forces threaten to rip apart the fabric that separates the two realms, bringing confusion and chaos to the world, which would be the end of life as we know it. But Archer is determined not to let that happen. This is The Search for the Shadow Key. Continue reading »

  2. For the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at what qualities a book should have to be considered a “classic.” In week one, we looked at “Great books are relevant” (link), followed by “Great books are inexhaustible” (link). Today, we’ll be looking at the quality of exceptionality. Great books stand out. They’re noticeably different from everything around them. Let’s dive in: Continue reading »

  3. Sharpies! Everyone loves Sharpies. I mistakenly thought that they were only available in America until I saw a whole stand of them in my local mall once. So of course, I had to see what they were like! In all honesty, Sharpies are merely the adult version of kids’ permanent markers (with that trademark permanent ink smell that I’m sure you could get high on if you used them in confined spaces). Of their many kinds, today I am reviewing the bronze metallic Sharpie. Continue reading »

  4. DMB-final-cover-optimized

    A Practical Guide to Productivity

    Do you struggle to keep up with all the information coming your way? Do you sometimes feel that you have to sacrifice your devotional time, or time with your family, to get all your work done? Between appointments, obligations, and menial chores, it can be hard to keep everything organized, and make time for personal projects, tasks, and goals. Many people live within these parameters, and there seems to be no way out. I’ve been there too, but Do More Better brings encouraging news. Continue reading »

  5. We’ve been looking at different qualities that make up a great book: a “classic” story that’s worth passing down for generations. It can be difficult to judge a book well, so this series is an ongoing look at qualities a great book should include (you can catch last week’s at this link). Today’s topic: great books are inexhaustible.

    Picture a regular book in your head. You read it through once: it’s pretty entertaining, it features some memorable characters, and maybe it included a neat plot twist you’ve never seen before. It was definitely a great book, you enjoyed it, maybe even read it twice. Perhaps you keep a copy on your bookshelf if you have the space. While it was a great story, what separates an average book like this one from a truly great, timeless book? Continue reading »

  6. 41JIc5mcbUL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

    The Grace of God for the People of God

    How often do you think about the triune nature of God? Have you ever considered how the doctrine of the Trinity should impact you, as a Christian? Many haven’t, and all would benefit from meditating on the rich truths within this doctrine. Experiencing the Trinity, by Joe Thorn isn’t about fully understanding the nature of the Trinity, the focus is on taking in individual truths and responding to them, digesting them with the hope that your focus would be filled by our great triune God.

    Continue reading »

  7. “I would say this poem came out of a sunset car ride, but it’s really the result of concepts I have been trying to fully grasp all my life. The more we try to push the world as we see it into mere words, the more it resists us. God pushes back: we simply don’t always see what He is doing.” Continue reading »

  8. Imagine you’ve read a book that changed your life. You can’t stop talking about it, you bring it up in conversation, and you recommend it to all your friends. “Why is it good?” they might ask. “It’s a classic,” you respond; or, “It’s a great book, a book worth admiring and saving for years to come.” But the whole idea of a “great book,” or a “classic,” is a little hard to define. After all, who’s to say that one person’s favorite will translate to the next person over? People are so different, and the way we experience things so varied, that it’s hard to recommend books, from one person to another. Continue reading »

  9. dreamtreaders-wayne-thomas-batson-intothebook-into-the-book-itb

    Have you ever had that dream where you were flying? What if you could actually experience it? What if you were the master of your dreams, so things weren’t just happening to you, but you were making them happen? Archer Keaton has that power. But for him, it’s more than just a way to have fun. Continue reading »

  10. “Eyes of the Storyteller,” a column on writing by J. Grace Pennington

    Look for new posts every other month! View all posts in this column

    A couple weeks ago, I was walking through the hallways of my church with the girls in my accountability group. The church is huge, and a walk from our meeting room to the exit is quite a stroll, so we chatted as we made our way out. A moment’s hush in the conversation made us aware of a loud whooshing, whirring sound above our heads. Continue reading »


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