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  1. confessions-of-x-intothebook-into-the-book-itb-andrew-joyce-suzanne-m-wolfe

    Before he became a father of the Christian Church, Augustine of Hippo loved a woman whose name has been lost to history. This is her story.

    This is the hook for Suzanne M. Wolfe’s latest book, The Confessions of X. No, this isn’t an erotic novel, despite the blood-red cover and giant ‘X’ in the title, but the subject matter is pretty far out of my comfort zone. I’m the type who’s more likely to read Augustine’s Confessions than a novel extrapolated from them. But how did Naiad’s story stack up? Read on for more: Continue reading »

  2. 41lXj36y6GL

    A Book for Creators

    As an artist, I’m suffering from several issues that have targeted my ability to create, including anxiety, and a disgust for anything I write (words are my primary artistic medium). If you can relate to this, or are feeling bogged down by the grittiness of life as an artist, listen. If you’re an artist of any kind, or want to be one, there’s a good chance you will benefit from the insight expounded here.
    Continue reading »

  3. It’s time for an update on the ItB New Year’s Reading Challenge. Modeled after Tim Challies’ challenge, the idea is to read a certain number of books over the entire year. We had several options to choose from: The “Normal” Reader, the “Fast” Reader, and the “Insane” Reader. Here’s an update on how the “Fast” tier has been working out: Continue reading »

  4. Thimblerig ark

    It’s hard to be a hustler. Animals these days aren’t as gullible as they used to be, and any fools around are quickly snapped up by other con-artists, of which there are far too many, if you ask me. Of course, that doesn’t stop Thimblerig from trying to find the fool among the many. And he’s good at it. So when Thimblerig has a nightmare about the coming apocalypse, he doesn’t chalk it up to bad figs. He sets a plan into motion to swindle as many believers as possible. Is it his fault that they think the vision comes from the almighty Unicorn to save them from the coming worldwide flood? Nope. All Thimblerig cares about is getting these suckers out into the middle of nowhere and then ditching them so he can start enjoying the good life. But, as his lies (and followers) grow, Thimblerig begins to wonder if his nightmare wasn’t something more after all. Unfortunately, before he can decide, he is faced with  a bigger problem: he has found himself in the middle of the Wild Dogs’ annual hunt, and believers are at the top of the menu. Continue reading »

  5. _240_360_Book.1824.cover

    The Thomas Nelson “Apply the Word” study bible is an excellent little resource and Bible. Using the word-for-word New King James version, this book packs a big punch. Sidebars and extra study resources augment the original text. Continue reading »

  6. When I sit outside, and feel the wind lick at my face, hear the thunder as the seat beneath me shakes, and watch the lightning skate across the cracks in the gray mass of clouds overhead, there is little room for worry. We love to be reminded of our own smallness. Continue reading »

  7. the-end-of-the-affair-graham-greene-itb-into-the-book-intothebook

    Graham Greene’s End of the Affair is difficult to digest, equal parts claustrophobic and imaginative. Set in wartime England, Greene’s novel is defined by wartime frankness that reminds me of Hemingway. At the same time, End of the Affair is intensely personal and emotional, conveying a tone that Hemingway never attempted. It’s a lesser-known piece of British literature that’s well worth some exploration. Continue reading »

  8. cs-lewis-that-hideous-strength-andrew-joyce-into-the-book-itb-intothebook

    I will readily admit that when I first read That Hideous Strength I was not impressed. From 2010, past-Andrew wrote, “don’t even bother reading this one,” and “[That Hideous Strength] has very little plot connection with the first two books, and introduces totally different characters.” So I was tentative when I had finished Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra, because that meant tackling That Hideous Strength once more. So did the book hold up under a re-read, or was I disappointed again? Read on for more: Continue reading »

  9. This Writing Life will be on hiatus for the month of April — regular weekly posts will resume on May 2nd. Thanks!

  10. 2penink

    Every craft has its experts, but one thing we seldom remember is this: every expert started out as an amateur. They all have their secret bloopers and fails early in their career, and unless they are really down-to-earth, you don’t get to hear a lot about them. Never fear! I figured instead of waiting until I became an expert and risk the memories of my blunders fading, I would share with you a couple of mistakes I’ve made and things I’ve learnt about calligraphy (so far) as an amateur! If you want to know what simple (and sometimes utterly stupid) things to avoid, and what tips will help you get a start in the art of pen and ink, this is for you. Continue reading »


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